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He's eating more, but not gaining weight???

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Jordan got weighed a month or so ago and was 12.6#, then last night he went to get his rabies booster and was 12.3#. It was a slight loss, but it was a differnt scale from last time so in my opinon he wasn't lost any more weight. I was supprised that he hadn't gained any weight. He's been eating a little more and I've been giving him treats. He has been playing more. I hope this is just a matter of him being more active rather than a sign of cancer. Well just keep sending him those TCS vibes, he's still doing very well and I guess that's the most important thing.
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sending you and him lots of
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If I'm understanding you correctly, he only varied by less than a pound. It's perfectly normal for cats' weight to fluctuate a few pounds if you weigh them regularly... same as people. It could be something as simple as whether he went to the bathroom before you weighed him.

I wouldn't worry about it. If he looks the same and acts healthy, it's fine.
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Jordan has had up and down health problems. His current diagnosis is idopathic Hypercalcimia (SP?) When all the problems started last May he weighed 14 lbs. Then by the end of summer he was down to 12.5. He had not been eating well. He started eating again and by November he was back up to 14 lbs. He then had about a month of not eating well. He went back down to 12.6. He has started eating well again so I just assumed that his weight would have begun to go back up. I'm not overly concerned, but this has been going on for so long I guess I can't help but worry. They were so sure when this started that he had lymphoma and only had a month or two to live. I just can't help but be thankful for every day. I just dread the thought of him going down hill again. He's only 4, and I spent the summer praying that he would live to see 5. I think he will, but it's been so very hard.
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When's the last time he was dewormed? What did they use? Strongid ONLY covers hooks, whips, and roundworms. He'll need a Droncit if he has tape worms. If your kitty is wormy, it can cause increased appetite and weight loss. I would also offer some Nutrical (high calorie supplement) in a high quality wet food (like nutro or wellness) to help him put on a little more weight.

What dry are you feeding?
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He had a stool sample this fall. He is almost completely an indoor cat. He goes out on the harness and stays on the balcony. I know he can still get worms, but if it was tape worm I would know. He had a tape worm as a kitten and I know what happens with those.
I should at he is not under weight, he is actually probably about right, I was just supprised to see that his weight didn't go up. I guess the other problem could be that he went from living on F.F. to only getting F.F. once a day. I have always fed him a high quality diet, but when he got sick that was all he would eat. His last blood test showed high cholestorol so I'm trying to get him off the F.F. totaly, but it's been a process. Around Thanksgiving all he would eat was chicken baby food. At the time his vet said let him eat what he will eat, but try to get him to eat something better. Right now he gets a 3 oz can of F.F medolies for breakfast, then a vitamin. For dinner he gets a 3oz pouch of Nutro Max cat, and another vitamin. Sometimes I can even get him to eat 3oz of Natural Balance Venison & green pea wet food. He's been waking me up between midnight - 1 AM and eating some Nutro Natural Choice Weight Management dry. I give him 1/8 a cup and then go back to bed so I don't know how much he's actually eating. His meds are as follows; Metecopromide (SP?) 1/2 hour before each meal (I could also give it to him a 3rd time, but he doesn't seem to need it), 5 mg of Pred 1 x a day, 500 - 1000 mg of L-Lysine a day and enulose as needed up to 3 mg 3x a day (although at this point he doesn't need it more than once a week.) So he is my special boy and I tell him that. I guess I shouldn't worry as much as I do, but he's my cuddle bug.
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diet looks good but I have a ?? ... why wgt mgmt dry
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
diet looks good but I have a ?? ... why wgt mgmt dry
Levi & Isaac are over weight, so that's what I feed them. Since he wasn't eating dry at all for several months I have only been keeping one dry food around.
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tested for diabetes?
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Have you had his thyroid checked? Changes in behavior, particularly higher activity and weight loss are both signs of Hyperthyroid, the most common endocrine disease of cats.
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He had a superchem blood panel at the begining of December. I would actually love to hear that he has a tumor on his parathyroid. That would cause his elevated blood calcium and would be completely treatable. What about constipation? He's had problems with that and the last week or two it seems to be getting worse. I sort of chalked it up to not being on a strickt schedual with all the business of the holidays. The truth is his actvity level is still not where it used to be, but has increased with getting his blood calcium under control.
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