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lumps around neck

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At first only my female cat had some lumps around her neck, they were about the size of peas under her skin, she had about 4-6 at the time. Now I've notice my male cat has a couple of larger-sized ones, about as big as a peanut. The lumps get smaller and harder as time goes by and then they are gone.

I think my cats are biting each other too hard and these are just the wounds where they have been bitten too deep.
Every once and a while when they are running and attacking each other, they get too rough and one of them will start squealing like it wants out of there fast. Like yelling, "UNCLE!
Could this be what is causing the lumps? Could this be something dangerous? Thanks, Carol
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They could be cysts caused by the biting--one of my boyfriend's cats has one that's pretty big where the other cat frequently bites his neck. They could also be from flea bites and the itchiness that goes with fleas. I would ask your vet the next time you take your cats in about them. If the lumps change in size, I'd take them in right away.
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