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Kitty Poop and Long Hair...

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I've just discovered that my Ragdoll is getting feces stuck in the long fur of his backside. I'm trying to chase him and pull off a kitty nugget that's only smearing in the process. Ack!

Does anyone have any grooming tips that could *prevent* this ordeal from happening? I'm now cringing every time he sits on something.


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Yes, there are several posts on this, and always more rolling in.

If you can, just trim the fur around his butt/back legs.
Also to get it off, it's easiest for me to just take a damp warm paper towel, apply it to the spot, and then try to pull it off once it has loosened up.
Happens to Isha now and again but we always manage to get it out. It doesn't happen enough for me to want to trim her fur however.

It's so much fun coming home to kitty butt smears everywhere!
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Thanks for the advice, AngelzOO. If this type of situation occurs more than I can handle, I will bust out the scissors. I'd hate to do it, but better that than always pining down Simon to clean off his dingleberries. LOL

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I had a yorkie [dog] who ths happened to,I hated cutting her hair down there but once I did,she looked so much better,and smelled better!
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When i first adopted Venus, my deaf kitty, i suffered in the beginning.

She had poopies stuck to her long tail or butt area, and i had to clean those areas, even in the middle of the night!

Thank God for her mini basin. i clean the soiled areas off with her soft mini towel and warm water, changing the water several times.

i dare not cut the hair around her butt area. When i was young, i grew up with a Japanese Chin, Karen Hemjoy was her name. She had long hair and at one time, similar problems. i snipped off her butt area, and it was an ugly sight! From then one, i realized that it is better to leave it to the professionals when come to hair trimming, or just leave it.

With Venus, i chose leave it.

After several weeks, she did not have a similar problem. Probably because i tend to take the litter box away the minute after she poops!! Hehe! (saves me a lot of clean work!)

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