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Post your kitty sitting in weird positions!

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This is one of Petals favorites!!

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Rosie sits like that as well

And sits up sleeping along with Sophie

Rosie likes to dangle her front paws as well

And Jack's following in his big sisters footsteps

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How cute Sues! Your boy is so big!
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Just click on the left cat above. This is the way he sits all the time!
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OMG, these are ADORABLE!

Trout doesn't have any stairs to sit on

I'll have to get some shots of her though..I was just telling Michele last soon as I turn the camera on, she comes running and starts cuddling with the camera She is the hardest kitty to snap.
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Look, It's Al Bundy kitty --

"Why are you standing on your head Mom??

It's a bird? It's a plane? No it's SuperBailey...


Okay so they aren't all sitting, but they are goofy
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lol silly pics !! hha.
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She's just trying to meld into the wall.
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This is how Beauty likes sitting:

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Everyone has super adorable pics!!!
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Very cute! This one is some kind of kitty yoga...or trying to touch her toes
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Antigone getting all comfy on the couch
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Here's one of my Bailey!

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My girls (these are just the ones I happen to have in Photobucket- I have some others that I love, but not on the computer )

(clickable thumbnails)

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You can't forget Chay's classic picture!

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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
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gorgeous picture's
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So cute !

Chloe looks like she's breakdancing
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These pictures are ones taken a while ago..

Shark is sitting with both back paws up in the air..
Arwen is almost falling off my bed whilst sleeping, and the other pic shows her curled up in a plastic carrier bag..she loves the rustling noise they make.
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Everyones kitties are so precious! Love all of their goofy positions

Photo #1: This is Sushie all sprawled out Photo # 2: Spooky & her babies when they were young
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