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Do you have dreams about your cats?

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I had a dream last night about my oldest cat, Matilda. In the dream, Mattie got cancer and they put her to sleep without asking me. I was crying hysterically about how I had only had 3 months with her and how it wasn't fair and they let me in to go see her after and I kissed her little head. In the dream, I was at the place where I adopted her from (although it looked nothing like where I got her from in real life, funny thing about dreams huh?)

Then I was mad because nobody I knew could understand why I was so upset over a pet. Also, they kept saying "Mattie didn't like you anyway" (because, well, lately Mattie sure doesn't! Has something to do with me giving her antibiotics and steroid cream 2x a day)

It stuck with me and put me in a bad mood all day.

What dreams have you had about your cats that you can remember?
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I've had many dreams about my cats over the years. Recently I've dreamt of both Usva and Timotei coming back to me, their deaths being a misunderstandings.

A few nights ago I dreamt I was investigating a castle and Milla helped me by crawling into holes to search. It was quite convenient she was a mouse in the dream. Does that count?
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I've had dreams like that, the sort of thing where you wake up crying... not nice at all, even though it's not real it's still painful

I had a dream once that Radar had a hole in his side, you could see all his insides and the hole was gradually getting bigger and bigger and nobody would do anything to help him. He seemed to be OK, like not in pain or anything, but his fur was dirty which in my dream seemed to be a big concern for me.

I did have an amusing one once, this must have been borne of slight anxiety just before I had Radar neutered - but I dreamed that I went to put him in a carrier to take him to the vet for his op and there was more than one of him, there were about 6 or 7 identical cats. I couldn't find a carrier, all I could find were bird cages but they all had birds in them, so I found some plastic grocery bags and took all the cats to the vet 2 per plastic bag. Just before I woke up I was trying to explain to the vet how they were all related to each other and how to tell them apart...
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I know I have, but I can't remember any at the moment that have had my boys in them.

I do remember other crazy cat dreams though - One seemed like a cross between Sleepwalkers (yard full of cats) and Pet Cemetery (evil/rabid grey cat with weird glowing eyes that wanted to get me).

Another I was surrounded by kittens, having to care for all of them. There had to be 100+ kittens and there were even some that were a uniform bright red orange color.

And there was a somewhat symbolic type dream with a white and a black cat, and a book. Still trying to figure that one out.
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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
What dreams have you had about your cats that you can remember?
I have had dreams about adding more cats and Alley going insane. I have no intention of adding more cats (the same thing I said when I had one cat), but I have had this dream several times.
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I dream about my animals and past animals quite a bit, especially my old horses that I've had, but without fail, I dream that I've still owned them all these years and forgotten to feed them or clean their stalls, and I panic. Dh thinks I'm nuts!

Same with the cats, I've had dreams that I"ve went away and never set up for anyone to care for them or feed them when I'm gone.

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Yes, I have had dreams about my cats. A few days ago, I had a dream about Carmelo. We had this huge facility where I had a bunch of cougars, with our boy Carmelo being the head cat. The name of the place was Cougar Emporium!! I woke up thinking out loud...Cougar Emporium My wife looked at me like....What?
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Fred comes and visits me in my dreams. He snuggles with me and does some of the silly things he always did. I think it is his way of letting me know he is ok at the Bridge. Sometimes Leo, Webb and Georgia are with him and he is still taking care of them. He has a tiny orange kitty with him sometimes like he has another little foundling he has taken into his little family. Okey is with them sometimes like he found his family. That poor little creature has a family now, even though his time with us was very short.
I am glad to know I am not the only one.
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I dream about my kitties all the time. Usually they're good dreams but sometimes they're awful... one night a few months ago I dreamed that I was living with my mother again and she was forcing me to euthanize my cats one at a time, and she made me do it personally, not the vet. When I woke up, I immediately went and hugged all the kitties.
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When I was young I use to dream with all my died cats......of course I missing they......
But now I been dreaming with the living cats, even with the cats of my Mom and my Fathers in law!......
I think is not a weird behaviour!.......Just we┬┤re crazy for the cats!
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I can honestly say i dont think i have ever had a dream about a cat, dogs, yes, cats no, and its probably a good thing because my meds cause me horrible nightmares to the point where i wake up screaming in terror. I think i am driving roman insane with them because now he just looks at me like i am stupid and goes back to sleep or dont wake up at all, he used to jump up and investigate the whole house to find out what was going on before realizing it was me. Shoot the cats used to get freaked when it happened, jump up looking around with their furr all fuzzed out- i would wake up and they would all be standing looking around, lookin like they had been electrified, now they dont even come to investigate anymore.
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I had a cat dream for the very first time just last week - it was so weird. It was about Ginger.

In the dream, she was "walking" by using her front paws only - her rear legs were drawn up to her body like they were deformed, and she wasn't able to use them.

I saw this and became worried, so I went over and picked her up to find that she had a kitten fetus stuck half in and half out of her body!

I don't remember what happened next - the dream shifted or I woke up, but I remembered it because I'd had a parakeet that died when an egg it was trying to pass became stuck in its cloaca, and I found that out by picking up my poor little bird's body.

So I'm thinking it was some weird memory crossed with current memory.

Oh - Ginger got spayed when she was 4 months old, so it really IS weird that I would dream that she was birthing!
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
I've had dreams like that, the sort of thing where you wake up crying... not nice at all, even though it's not real it's still painful
i have dreams like this, not about my cat's thankfully though! i have VERY weird dreams, usually about things that can't be real, sometime's have very realistic ones, where i wake up sceaming & crying! not nice at all
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As far as I can remember, I haven't dreamt about my kitties. Not that I would really know anyway, coz as soon as I wake up, the dream is forgotten.
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Quite a lot actually. They are usually bad dreams. Like he's sick or in some kind of trouble. Once I had a dream that Popsie turned into a spider and my Dad stepped on him.
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I have cat dreams occasionally. Last night I dreamed that I was driving home in the pouring rain and I saw a cat out in the rain. The cat was soaking wet and looked very sad. So I stopped the car and put the cat in the car, and the cat let me know how happy he was that I stopped for him. Then I got home, but I didn't want to bring him in the house because of Swanie & Cindy, but I went in to get him some food. And something about asking Swanie to go see if he could find out where the cat was from, if he had a home, etc.
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