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I set them free

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In the house that is. Ive gained their trust enough that they will come right up to me when I open their cage. Lots of purring and rubbing on me. So tonight I decided to set them free in the downstairs bathroom. I just opened their door and left it opened. Walked out and left them for a few hours.

I just went in their a couple minutes ago Beetle is roaming the room and Firefly is is peering out of the cage. But so far it doesnt look like shes been out. She let me give her lots of pets and was perfectly calm and relaxed. Beetle hid when I first came back into the bathroom. After a couple minutes he came out and started exploring again.

Once they get completely comfortable in there the bathroom door will be opened and they will be free to roam the downstairs foster area. They will probably take awhile to get to that point but I have no problem letting them take their time.
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How long has it taken? I am taming one who is already free roaming in her kitten room, Baby. Baby let pet her last night while distracted eating babyfood! Yayyyy! No such this morning, so not pushing it. Baby steps

She gets very very close to me while playing, then remembers I'm "scarey" and runs a safe distance. Its funny! LOL.

I just want to know the time it took, so I can see if my method of letting
her have her freedom is working. She looks out the baby gate and can hear
us in the house thru gate, so she's not alone. Also she has a radio on a talk show, to get her used to people voices.

I need to start getting another person my BF in there to play or talk
while she hides.

One big step today, she let me watch her do her biz! yayy, also eat out in the open. Huge trust steps!! Yayyy!

Okay, gotta run. I'm very interested so keep up posting. I want to see how my Baby compares to others.

I trapped her at 12 wks I think....
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Ive had them 4 1/2 weeks now. And the whole time they were in a cage until they would let me pet them and would approach me. Beetle spent the night out but Firefly never did come out. But Beetle let me pick him up!

They were at a vets after they were trapped for about a week I think. Firefly took about 3 weeks for me to be able to touch her and enjoy it. Beetle took about 2-3days. But he was the one who saved them from being TNR'd like the rest of the kittens that were trapped that day.

They are about 5-6months old.
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So they came to you at age 4 months? My Baby was 3 months and I figure with the open room method she's advanced FAST.

But I hear tell some people will not allow open room taming, as they
feel the cat becomes/stays feral?

I feel that having one friendly one around of same age and
releasing them to play is the way to get the other to come

It worked with T.T. the siamese feral and with one of my other
feral cats. However, I no longer have my foster kitten that was
sooo good at taming others (I had him from age 5 wks!).

He got adopted.

I'm thinking of spending night sleeping with her now. She let me pet
her after 2 wks of room time, so I think that was VERY good start!
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If I had just let these two out to roam right away I have no doubt Firefly would never have progressed. She would have just hid. My other ferals I used the free roaming method and it worked pretty good just took longer.
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Awwww...... The title of your thread scared me - but then I had a good laugh at myself! Should'a known!

How're they doing with their new found freedom?

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Beetle is doing awesome! He's running around playing rubbing on my legs, letting me pet him and just being a total goofball. Im falling in love with him. I think hes ready to start going to adoption. His only problem now is when I first pick him up he struggles a little but he cant resist the petting.

Firefly is still more reserved and not quite sure about it. She's been out all day but goes into hiding at the slightest noise right now. She will let me pet her if shes in the cage but if shes out she acts like shes never seen such a scarey creature in her life. So she still has alot of stuff she needs to work on before I even think of bringing her anywhere. Though I have to say she did awesome on her trip to the vets to get her shots and get her stitches removed. She was scared to death but she didnt go into attack mode which is what she was doing any time she got scared.
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I just wanted to tell you all that "your my heroes!" "Tops in my book!"
for taming these ferals! I love ferals the best, and hopefully I will be doing the same as you all are shortly! I wish you the best!
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I'm glad to hear Beetle's doing so well - and Firefly will to, in her time.

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