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A Good Cat Food?

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Hello Everyone!
I'm new here. Let me give you a quick background. I have quite a few cats. It all started with a kitten I got from the humane society. Then a calico adopted us. I didn't know who she belonged to so I didn't get her spayed. After she had a litter of kittens, she would disappear for periods at a time. So I thought she was returning to her home. As it turns out, she stayed with us for a while and had another litter. After that I got her spayed. So out of 4 litters (1 she lost, the other was removed during her spay ), only 3 kittens remain. Two from the first set and 1 from the last. Then little boys from down the street brought me a kitten they found. So that's 6 cats so far. Then nearly 2 years ago, I found 2 kittens that were about 1 month old. They still had blue eyes. I think someone put them out there. I hadn't seen a mother cat around my mum's house where I found them. So I took them in. I had to bottle fed them. Then two kittens from a house around the corner showed up one evening. The woman that owned them apparently was not feeding them. She had them, but didn't not feed them. She came to get her kittens once, but that was the only time. They've been here ever since. So that's 10 cats. Since then, the mother cat had left. She didn't like being with her babies. Everyone is fixed and up to date on their vaccines. But I would like to feed them a better food. Any suggestions? Something healthy. I don't really care about the costs. I make pet treats that are healthy and safe for them, but regular food is a little tricky. Thanks everyone for listening to my long winded story.
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what are you currently feeding...

what do you want in a food ..???

Welcome to TCS...
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I'm feeding them which ever cat food I can get them to eat. Most of it has been yuck food and I want to change. But they're sooo picky. When one doesn't like it, the rest won't eat it either. So I've had to switch foods often which I hate to do. In one cat, I have no choice but to feed him prescription food. He gets crystals and this is the one food that has kept them away.
I want to give them a food that's actually healthy and not full of fillers. One they (ha! ha!) will actually eat that is good for them. You know, give them the nutrients that they need.
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even premium foods have "fillers" ... I prefer binders as filler = none digestable thus containing no nutrition ... and while not needed grains like rice are helping give nutrients and are digestable ...

What foods have you tried ??? grocery or premium ??
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I've tried a lot of grocery foods. But the last premiums I tried where Eukanuba, Iams, and Chicken Soup.
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how did they respond to the chicken soup???
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Unfortunately, they didn't like it.
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what of what you have tried did they eat the best???
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They start out with eating. But if the head honcho, India, decides he doesn't like it anymore. The others follow him. The smell of Iams got me. They ate it for a week until India demanded a change.
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I am going to suggest you look at other meats ...

so you have any UTI issues??
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I have one cat that has UTI problems, but that's taken care of with his own prescription food. He has to eat separately in a crate so no one else will bother him. Meats? As in the same brands, but with different flavors?
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Nature s variety and Nature logic have NON poultry foods ... ie rabbit and lamb
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Hmm...I'll have to look those. Thanks!
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