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If you would like to see one of my horses

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He got into a photo contest on this site http://www.equusite.com/

Just go there and click on Picture of the Day and you can see Racer. Please vote while you are there. He is up against two of my friends horses, Jag On Joe and Karen's herd, so I don't suspect he will win today. In my heart though, he is already a winner!
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what a beautiful horse! I love the little white spot on his face i voted 2 10's!
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Let's try and post the picture of this beauty!
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Yep! That's my Racerman. He is part Mustang, QH & Arabian. In this picture he is 3 years old
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Hissy, he is a beautiful equine. He has a VERY intelligent look in his face. I bet he's a smart one, isn't he?

Does he nuzzle you when you say HI? I love that about horses. They're like big cats sometimes. I wish that I could ride more often than I do. It's been a number of years since I was last on horse back.
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He is highly intelligent. You just need to show him something once and he has it downa as long as you don't use force on him. At night, when I bring them in, all I have to do is tell him to go to his stall and he walks right in with no halter or lead rope. :tounge2:

He is into everything, :clown: and loves waffles in the morning..yep- waffles! with maple syrup of course. He gets one a day. :eye&mouth:

He gives great hugs if you stand at his shoulder facing him, he will lean his head back and wrap you in a nice hug, until you ask him to release. He has become my greatest teacher and I learn more about him and myself as each day passes!
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Seeing the picture of Racer makes me smile and feel all warm inside. He is quite a stately young lad. Very intelligent eyes and a lustrious coat. (which I know takes a lot of work on your part) I love the sentence where you say he is a lot like a big cat.
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I entered him in his first show when he was 2 and a half. It was a Mustang show in Washington. He came in first place in Halter, and third in Trail In Hand. He was awesome, and it was my first show too, so we both were scared together! They announced him as the winner in Halter, and I just stood there stunned! LOL I didn't even go up right away to get the ribbon... Here we are coming out of the arena. Check out those western duds!
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Dear Hissy,

It doesn't surprise me that he's done so well...you guys look great together :
Love &
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You both look so SPIFFY!!!

Something about a BLUE RIBBON that compliments both your outfits!!!

I'm sure there are many more titles and ribbons in Racer's future!!!!
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Dear Hissy,

I attached this really cool pic of a woman on a horse a few postings back...I didn't know if you saw it because of download time...but anyway, that horse reminds me of racer so much! So valient looking! Ya know?

Love &
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For some unexplained computer reason, the pic showed only as a blank box before. Now when I looked at it, I saw the carving. There is a lot of Race in that portrayal. He definitely has the spirit to become a warrior woman's horse! He also lives up to his name- his registered name is RaceTheMoon, but he loves to run and has the smooothest trot! Thanks for posting that!
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Dear Hissy,

I got chills when you told me his registered name!!!! Wow, well, I'm glad you finally saw it...to me it was really personal that you should see what other people see in your animals...I love his name...."RaceTheMoon!" How romantic, yet so powerful and majestic!

Love &
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