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Kitty is scared to death! :(

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My husband and I just adopted a beautiful female orange tabby kitten (only 5% are female) and named her Vanilla. She was 11 weeks old when we got her. She was the sweetest, most loving kitten when we adopted her. She got along with the other two cats perfectly after the initial introductions. But we've had her now for a few weeks, and some problems have arisen...
We came home one evening to find her sleeping in her litter box. Of course, we laughed. However, the only part that we didn't find funny is that she was COVERED in poop! Since we've successfully given our other two kitties baths before when things like this have happened, we had no problem doing it once more. Well, she seemed pretty calm throughout the whole process. We dried her off, mostly with towels of course, but when I turned the hair dryer on low and gently blew her fur just for a second, she FREAKED. I figured that was to be expected since not all cats like the hair dryer. We we picked her up and put her on the bed to finished drying her and she peed EVERYWHERE. She had this look of absolute terror on her face. Her ears were back and her body was limp. So we picked her up, cleaned her off as best we could and just let her go be by herself.
The next few days, she wouldn't eat, she hid constantly, and wasn't affectionate at all. Finally she started coming around a LITTLE. She'd let us hold her occasionally, but you could tell she didn't want to be held, even though she didn't fight back. Her whole body would just go limp. Well last night, she missed her litter box and peed on a plastic bag and it got all over her. Because there was so much of it, we had to use water again. No bath, just a good rinse off. As my husband dried her off though, she pooped all over the towel. Fortunately it didn't get on her or us, so it was fine. Anyway, she ran and hid AGAIN. She purred a bit later last night, but nothing like usual. This morning my husband picked her up and she peed all over him, just from him picking her up and trying to give her some love!
Bottom line... she's scared to death of us now! I'm not sure what to do! Every time we go near her, she cowers and her ears go back and her body goes limp. I've called my vet and they have no answers other than that she's spooked. I don't know what to do. My husband just lost his kitten to an accident and this was his new baby girl. Now we don't know what to do with her. Help please!!!
P.S. Sorry about the long post, I wanted to give as many details as possible so I could get as much help as possible!
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First, a trip to the vet to rule out any medical problems. Second, I'd not give her a bath again. If she needs to be cleaned up, wet a cloth and wipe her off as best as you can. Then, I think I'd get a Feliway diffuser or two and plug them in. Then, start treating her as if she's a new kitty in your house. Let her come to you, don't pick her up, try to play with her using interactive toys and the like. Give her time. She'll come around!!

Stephanie, who used to have a female orange striped tabby
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Aww, cool! Vanilla is striped and swirly. Very cute!
Thanks for the advice, we obviously aren't going to give her a bath again! I don't ever recommend doing that unless absolutely necessary. I just didn't want a waste-covered kitty sleeping on my sofa, if ya know what I mean.
I didn't think about the 'treat as a new kitty' thing. That's probably an awesome idea. I'll definitely try it.
And by diffusers, what do you mean exactly? Not sure what that is.
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They're like air-fresheners for kitties. They smell comforting, apparently, though I don't think they smell like anything to humans.
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I would recommend a trip to the vet, too. It sounds like she may not be feeling well. Please let us know how it goes for you all
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Well, little Vanilla only got worse. We tried everything. The vet said she looked normal, just scared. He didn't know what was wrong. He said just give her time, and she may or may not grow out of it. I told my husband though, that we unfortunately couldn't keep a kitten that I had to clean up after constantly. It was horrible! I'm just not up for that! We called the place we adopted her from and asked if they might take her back, and they said they would after two weeks. (They have a very strict "putting-to-sleep" policy, so I was very comfortable with that.) She was obviously not happy with us, and I couldn't bare to see her miserable like that.

A few days ago though, I noticed her head was swelling up, and it felt mushy to the touch. It was very odd. I called the adoption agency, and they wanted me to bring her in. So I brought Vanilla back to the adoption agency yesterday and they looked at her, and said something was seriously wrong with her. They said that it may be a birth defect that just now manifested itself, like, her skull wasn't fully developed. It could've been like that in the beginning, we just didn't know it. I signed a release form, and they took her back and made an appointment with their veterinarian.

They're going to keep me updated on her progress, see if it's something they can fix. If she gets better, I'm welcomed to adopt her again. If not, then... well, I don't know. I just know that if it IS a birth defect that's causing all this, then she probably wouldn't be happy anywhere. I don't want her to have a life of suffering. It makes me cry just thinking about it! Hopefully, she'll be ok in the long run, whatever fate is placed upon her.

Thanks for the replies, I'll keep updating.
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What a sad story!

Vibes to Vanilla that she should be happy - whether it is in this life or the next.

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A sad story indeed. Poor little Vanilla. Please keep up informed as to the outcome of this dear little being.
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