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Lily is becoming really loving!

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Our Lily is a changed cat. She's become more and more sociable since we got Da Bird, and she just keeps improving.

We've had her for 1 1/2 years now and had her since she was 3 months old. Now when I sit down, she generally runs out from her spot under the coffee table and arches her back in greeting for a pat.

As soon as I go upstairs to go to the bathroom, she runs after me, and once I sit down, she comes in and mews at me for a pat. Even just going upstairs ro sit on the bed she'll come running up to see what I'm doing.

When we come home now, she runs out from wherever she is to greet us. She won't let us pat her yet at that time, but she's definitely coming out to greet us.

She has improved so much in the last couple of months, and it's really amazing how sweet she's becoming, even with my husband who she never bonded as closely with.

Even when we have visitors (including little people), she comes out and checks what's happening and usually watches from not too far away. She used to hide behind the couch and not come out until everyone had gone.

It's so nice to see her like this, she seems happier
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Awww! Yay for Lilly!!!
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That is great! I hope she continues to come around more and more....you have plenty Da-Bird refills, right?
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Awww Lily!

She sure does sound more sociable. Strange how it can take them so long to come out of their shell
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that's great
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