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Kitty Whispers

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My cat never meows. She's just a tabby...


but she never meows. She grunts and growls when we play but everynight at bedtime she will come up to my face and give kind of a kitty whisper (it's the best way I can explain it) and goes to sleep. It's kind of like she's saying good night. I was just wondering if anyone elses kitties do this kind of kitty whisper.
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Can't say I've heard of "whispers" but cats do make a wide array of noises that aren't meows. Used to have one that would "chirp" at birds.
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Arwen's mew is more or less a rush of air, hardly any sound at all.
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Oh, she is just gorgeous - and I love her little good night whisper!

My male doesn't really seem to have a classic meow - nice purr, and sort of a mraow sound once in a while. My girl has a nice loud meow - usually around 4:00 am for breakfast.
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Neither of my cats have "a meow." They have a "voice" that they use to express themselves with a variety of meowy things. Juniper chirrups if he's happy, going "prrrr-ow!" or just "prrrrr" (not a purr). If he wants attention it's "meeeeeew? meew? meeeeeeeeeeew?" If he thinks he's about to get food, it's "MMMMMOOOOOOOWWWW MOOWWW MOWWWWW" and running around like a nut. We think we've heard them all when he'll come up with a new way to make noise. Lately it's a high pitched "uh oh" that he makes when he's surprised and happy (like when we leave the bedroom door open and he can get on the bed).

Bixby is quiet and barks. he usually goes "oow oow, ar aarr oow," all short little meows, as his happy meows. squeaks that sound like "eeeee" and "aaah" are when he's just chatting to himself. when he thinks he's getting food it's "eeeeeeooowww... eeeeeoooooowwww!" and makes a funny face. When he's really upset (like Monday when he went to the vet to get fixed), he yowls. But he's always pretty quiet, and it's hard to hear is meows unless he's really trying to get your attention.

It's very entertaining, but, you know, some days I wish they would shut up
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My little girl Sabrina is quite vocal..she meows when I get home. She talks to me. I say ..how was your day..I get Meow...I ask was the little boy chasing you..I get Meoww...and then I can tell when she's hungry..its Meowwwwwwwwwwwww meowwwwww..lol
My little boy Salem on the other hand doesn't really "meow" ..he makes noises...kinda like "ahhh"..when you pick him up...and then he quiets down if its me...lol he squirms if my boyfriend picks him up....and he will make some sounds like a question if he's looking for either me or the little girl......kinda like ...arrrrrr? (kinda higher pitched)...and he makes some whimerping noises sometimes to....especially when he is looking for food...
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