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Need vibes again, for my father

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My father has been in Boston since Friday, due to more difibrillator problems. I've been down there all weekend and couldn't go today because of the storm. I'm going down with my mom tomorrow and he's either/and going to have an angioplasty/ablation down. I'm pretty worried about him in general because he's basically been in the hospital more than ever since August.

I'm missing work tomorrow too - I feel pretty guilty and I keep asking my husband if I am abusing 'family illness', he says no...I just hate missing work.

I also hate driving in boston - that really sucks.
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Good vibes are heading your way!
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Originally Posted by zao_cat View Post
Good vibes are heading your way!
From me too!
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You're dad is more important than work If work says otherwise, you'd regret a lot if you weren't with him and something happened.

Many for your father's good health
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Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your father improves, and that you find peace & calm despite the Boston traffic - what an intimidating drive that must be Please keep us updated!
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Awww, I hope your father is okay, I am sending many healthy healing vibes his way

And come calming vibes for you
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Sending lots of for your father.
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Many good thoughts for your dad... may he come through with flying colors.
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Sending lots of vibes!
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Sending lots of vibes to you and your father......
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We hope your father is going to get better
We wish all of you the best - you are in our thoughts & prayers
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For your dad.....
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Sending prayers and vibes to you and your dad.
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Originally Posted by zao_cat View Post
Good vibes are heading your way!
from me also
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Hi everyone,

I am back from Boston but need to go back down again tomorrow. The first procedure didn't work so now he has to have another.

Today was SOOOO stressful.

1. I got up at 4:30 and drove to work because I needed to leave stuff out for the sub, I couldn't do it the day before because I had a snow storm.

2. My windshield wouldn't stay clean the ENTIRE way down, I had to stop and buy more cleaner.

3. ALL the signs in Boston were covered with snow.

4. I got to the hospital and the first garage was full, the valet was full, and the SECOND garage was full. I then begged a valet to find a spot for my car......

5. the wait all day was just awful, as to be expected.

6. we waited for an HOUR for the valet to bring our car back.
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What a stressful day all around - the driving, weather and a loved one who is in the hospital.

Sending many that tomorrow will be better for everyone.
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Oh man,

it's 2::36 am here. I can't sleep. I've been up since midnight and I was up at 4:30am yesterday morning.

So I'm working on basically 3 hours of sleep in almost 24 hours. I feel so sick, literally from stress and I have the on comings of a cold. I just want to rest.
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prayers for him
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up date :

My dad had another procedure today that lasted 6 hours. Gosh it's tiring to wait for that long. I literally from 4:30 on Tuesday morning to 9:15 Wednesday evening have had 3-4 hours of sleep. And I've been to Boston and back twice, work twice, waited for a bunch of hours each day...I'm really exhausted but I can't shut my eyes......

My dad is doing better and the doctor's think they were able to help alleviate the arrhythmia.
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Oh that's good news -- thinking good thoughts for him here. I know how hard it is on you, too, trying to cope while a loved one is in crisis like this... it can really knock you down. I hope you can rest up now that he's doing better.
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What a harrowing couple of days! I'm glad your Dad seems to be doing better. Sending for continued improvement, and lots of to you. I hope you can get some rest now. Taking care of yourself is almost harder than taking care of the loved one, but sooooooo important.
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Things are looking better. I think he may be discharged tomorrow or Saturday. I got better sleep last night, hopefully I can tonight too. I have to go into work tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a snow day though. I feel LOUSY, I have a horrible cold and just plain run down.

I called for a sub and the machine kept cutting me off, I called twice. The first time it really cut me off, the second time I got all the info in before it cut me off but the sub caller never called a sub for me, so now it looks like I didn't even bother to come in.

Update: my principal just called to check on me. He didn't even know that my dad was ill, so I'm glad that he called so I could let him know about my dad and that I called the sub caller........
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