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Well it finely happened,my new boss has had all 5 of the housekeeping staff walk out and quit today! Yep, I was one of them.I came in and was stopped by her,and she jumped on me telling me I was't sick yesterday,I did't just want to come in! I went to the DR.and got medicane!then she tried to tell me work comes before family or being sick!She has only been here 3 weeks,and she has 7 housekeepers quit! I don;t know what Ted & I are going to do now,Ted is still not working.But I can not work for someone who dos't have any respect for her staff,all 7 of us have worked together for 2 years,we knew our jobs and have passed 2 state auduits.{SP} She came in and tried to change eveything!
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I have had many Night Nursing Supervisors do that! They would come in and the boss would be like "ok, you change them and do what you want to their routines" Giving her WAY too much power, so things got extreme and we b!tched and things changed, we had to do a LOT of it but with union involved it got handled. Two nurses have left because we gave them such a hard time about the changes they were making. Now we have good nurses that work WITH us, instead of against us. wow what a concept.

Good luck, and stick with it. You'll find another job and hubby will find one too. I don't know if you have union or not, but I don't think I could handle working under those circumstances for much longer than I did.

Good for you all for standing up to her, some people feel they're not respected unless they are feared.

Good for you!

p.s. I go to the dentist today, ugh!
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I can't believe that! She TOLD you you weren't sick? Ugh, that's not just tacky, that's abusive. How's she going to tell her boss that 5 people quit in 1 day? Well, you'll find something...and it has to be better than that!

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Sharral (((HUGS))) I hope you find something fast. But, you are right, it's not fun working for someone who has an attitude like that.

Well....I am here for another 15 minutes approx. and then I will tackle my morning. I have soooooo much work to do today. Thankfully, the boss is away and so is most of the senior staff.

I ended up going to bed last night around 10pm. Sonething I have not done in ages. I rarely am able to get to bed before midnight. My evening routine usually consists of supper, dishes, homework, next day's lunches, bedtime routine for the boys (chasing them, teeth etc... and attempting to make them go to bed on time) Then...once they have settled down, I start tidying up a little. By the time I find some "me" time, It's close to 10 and then I want to read and relax a little. Guess I should try going to bed early sometime.

*sigh* Some days I find it so hard being a mommy, wife, manager's assistant and all in all - Me - But then other days.....I don't have a problem and I could go on forever! I just need more hours, more energy and more of me to go around for everyone!

Hope you guys all have a terrific day. I will try to check in sometime this afternoon.

Bye for now!


P.S. Whenever I get the chance.....could someone walk me through how to change my avatar? I'd like to get something different. I now how to switch to one already available. I'd just like to find "Lucy - from Peanuts" She is my all time favorite cartoon character.
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Wow Sherral, that took a lot of guts. I hope the manager will come to her wits and do something!
I hope it will go well for you in figuring out what to do next. Good Luck! (((Sherral)))

Peedoodle slept with me last night, and that is the first time he has ever did that - he let me hold him like a teddy bear and it was one of the best sleeps I have ever had! He is such a sweetheart!

I have done 15 minutes cycling on my stationary bike already, I am going to try and do 4 reps of 15 minutes a day to get myself back in shape!!!!!

My lower abs are sore after trying out the core program exercises which shows that they work...woohoo!

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Let's see....

• 7 housekeepers quit under her management...

• Boss jumped on you—basically calling you a liar...

• Boss tells you work comes before family or being sick…

Almost sound illegal. How old is she? Does she answer to a S/O—if so, you should report her. She sound like an inexperienced scum bag who gets a kick out of negatively controlling and devastating people—her big yap being the main weapon.

I'm proud of you for walking, I know it must be scary and I hope that you find something else very soon. You didn't deserve that treatment.

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Sherral, I'd like to hear how she explains the mass walkout.

Bill enjoyed his birthday. El Corral was jammed and there were about 100 people, waiting, for tables, last night. We wound up going to Leo's, for Mexican. Its rodeo week and all of the popular steak and prime rib places are jammed.

He was surprised, by the German chocolate cake. He asked, "Why are you being so nice to me, all of a sudden?" As if I'm not ALWAYS nice to him.

Here's his new shirt. You can take the boy out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the boy.
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is Bill a texan?

I love the shirt!
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Ghyslaine, this is for you. If you don't like it or it is too big, let me know, I have a smaller one.
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and another
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Yeah, Bill is from Texas but I'm willing to overlook it.
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Cindy...nice picture of Bill!

Tamme....I love the one of Lucy (full body view) What do I do now????? Just copy and paste? Thanks soooo much! (((HUG)))
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Good morning everyone!

Wow, Sherral that's some HORRIBLE working conditions. Does she have a supervisor? I would be very tempted to get all of the people together who quit and set up a meeting with her supervisor to be sure he or she hears your side. Who knows, you all may get your jobs back and a new supervisor.

Tamme, those are super cute Lucy avatars. Ghys, to change to one of those avatars, download it to your computer (right click on it and choose "Save Image As"), then go into your User CP, Edit Options. At the very bottom is your Avatar. Click "Change Avatar" to go into the next page. At the bottom of that, is Custom Avatars, click the "Browse" button by "You can upload an avatar from your computer" and open the new avatar. Submit Modifications and you have a Lucy avatar!

Bill looks great in his new Texas shirt. Glad you both had fun for his birthday!
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Sherral - how horrid! Definately go to her supervisor and she may be gone and you may get your job back!

I am in no mood to work today. Hubby is still off sick and is getting whinier everyday! It seems my sinus infection is back, but my doctor isn't in today. Have the people from work are off sick today and the other half feel yucky! I can't stop sneezing - I should be shares in a facial tissue making company the way I am going thru tissue!

Cindy that is a great shirt that you gave Bill - tell him he looks studly in it.

Ghys - I like both the Lucy pics! Good luck changing your avatar.

Kellye - great work on the exercise! Don't overdo it too early or you are going to get sore and then you won't want to exercise! BTW - have I ever mentioned that I like the way you spell Kellye?
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I almost did it! I have to bring the Lucy (angel looking one! ) to 50 X 50 and when I cuts off her feet. So......I don't think I have any program other than paint (in My Accessories)that can shrink it properly. I don't really want to be 'footless' therefore, I am seeking help once again!!! Thanks!
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I have resized it for you:
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Sherral - I know I am an echo - but that STINKS!!! I just hope she doesn't get away with it. I also hope you find something better. You deserve it!

Tamme - ugh the dentist. I want to hide under my desk just thinking about it.

Kellye - that's so sweet that Peedoodle was so cuddly.

It's weird, though. Coco did the same thing last night. She will usually sleep near me, but she couldn't get close enough last night. Is it national cat snuggle night, or something? Does Hallmark make a card for this?!

Cindy - I love Bill's shirt! He looks great.

Ady - wow! I hope you and hubby get better soon!

Hope everyone has a good one!
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maybe the cats have an esp thing and they said to each other 'cuddle up to your slaves day, they deserve it!'
But yeah, it was so sweet, i loved it!

Ady - thanks for your compliment on my name. Kelly is my grandmothers maiden name and when I was born, they wanted to keep that name in the family and my mother wanted it to sound more feminine so she added the 'e' at the end.
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WooooHooo! I did it! Look at that! *ahem* ummm....yeah, it is easy to do. But I'd like to thank everyone for helping me out!
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woohoo G! You did it!
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Like your Lucy Ghys!

I bought hubby a treat today to keep him at home tomorrow - he is still really sick, but tired of being stuck at home and is threatening to go to work. He works outside and the would be bad for his health right now. I bought him the 2nd season of Sanford and Son on DVD - it is his all time fav show. I also bought War on the Floor a Toronto Rock lacrosse video. That should keep him busy for a day or so. He tried to nap today, but everytime he lies down Excalibur thinks it is snuggle time. He likes it when someone is home during the day.
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Hubby and I always hustle home as fast as we can so we can watch Enterprise at 7:00 and West Wing at 8:00. Hubby likes Law & Order next, but I usually fall asleep on the couch shortly after 9:00

It has been a slow day at work so I've been visiting TCS a little more than I should today. tsk, tsk!
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I have been posting alot today - can you tell I don't want to work and that a lot of people aren't here! I just realized I am approaching Bodlover's post count. If she doesn't get back online soon, I'll take over 8th place on the 10 20 posters list!

Wednesday is also my fav TV day. Enterprise, West Wing, American Idol Results Show, Batchlorette. My VCR gets a work out Wednesdays!
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thursday is my fav tv day - friends, csi, er, i love those shows.
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Hi all,

It's my first day AT HOME when I normally would be at work!!! I slept in till 10am and then ran some errands, and now am back having a nice lunch, and then will walk Bella. This is heaven!

(Even though I should be spending all this time packing) We still haven't found a place yet, and we have to move either next Friday the 28th or the 1st.

Have a great afternoon everyone - and "TV evening"!
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