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B had been working on getting an interview at this one place. Between the holidays and such, things weren't working out for them to meet up for an interview (she was trying to include the director in the interview as well)

He called today to find out about this week and she emailed him back saying that they've decided to go in a different direction.

We're going to work on his resume tomorrow...basically I was able to take a look at it this past weekend, and I just left comments & suggestions all over it. He has the experience (tons of it), but IMO he doesn't let it shine through on his resume.

The thing that REALLY stinks though...is if our financial situation doesn't change in the next month, we've agreed to postpone the wedding. Even though I'm making more $$$ here, the cost of living is $$$ so I'm roughly making ends meet with maybe $200 left over. The thing that stinks even more is that we'll have to wait a whole YEAR to before getting married. Two members of our party are school teachers and one of those school teachers lives in NV.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
He called today to find out about this week and she emailed him back saying that they've decided to go in a different direction.
what one person likes about a resume another will hate.
But i have gotten to hear that different direction thing, or we cant afford you thing alot in the last year

i keep talking to ,and getting emails from IBM, but they are no hurry.
The client says they are going to hire me and ship me to singapore,but i am not going to hold my breath.

i hope B finds a job he likes soon
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That sucks. Something good will happen!
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What a discouragement I am glad that you two have each other and that you are dealing with this problem so well - shows that your relationship can survive the turmoils of life Sending vibes that your B gets his job very soon & the wedding is back on calendar again
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chin up sweetie- hang in there things will work themselves out soon i have no doubt! and please don't stress too much over your wedding- i have had to postpone and change the date of ours several times now, so i completly understand Things will be ok, you're just going through a rough patch right now
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Thanks everyone

well I basically helped clean up his resume. He was listing too few bullet point (3-4 each job) and too many jobs (can we say 1998?). He's trying to make the transition from non-profit to private industry, and I said that no one really cares what you did in 1998. They just care about your last job (as well as the last 5 years) because that will determine if you can be hired with little training. I also told (and added a bunch) him that it just looks like you didn't do a lot at the job. So we basically revamped his resume.

I just hate when dates get changed...I have a hard time sometimes adjusting to date changes for things I look forward to. Maybe thats why this project management job is working out so well.

We haven't made any official announcement yet, and are toying with the idea of the week between Christmas and New Years for the wedding...but we'll know for sure in a month.
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why dont you change the wedding? Keep the date but make it different and more budgetable??
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