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Ping, I have to disagree with lunasmom here, your skin tone is way to dark to be an ivory, your tone actually looks similar to mine, maybe a tad darker. You appear to have a yellow undertone like me as opposed to a pink one, so make sure you stay away from pinky foundations, you'll be able to tell by looking at them which ones are pinky. I'm going to say you need a "sandy beige", that's usually the first medium tone. I'm going to suggest Maybelline's Pure Makeup, it comes in a little turquoise colored tube. For the winter I'm using Medium 1, sandy beige, in the summer I go up to Medium 2, pure beige. It's a light weight make up, but it has excellent coverage, and it isn't very expensive either, about $5. To apply it, my number one suggestion is blend it down your neck, do not stop at your jaw line, even if the foundation matches your skin tone almost perfectly you will be able to see the stop line. also, make sure you get it on the sides of your nose in between your eyes, and even over your eye lids, especially if you're not wearing eyeshadow

As for powder, I use pressed, but loose is fine too, you'll want to choose the medium 1 tone for that too
She probably knows the color better It took me 12 years to figure out I wasn't porcilien! Besides I was just comparing what I saw in the pictures with the color choices on L'Oreal's web site. Proper lighting always makes a difference.