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Aries are getting a beating!

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I'm not sure if any one else who are Aries on this board are experiencing this, but my friends and I are having a really bad time lately!
In general:
-This October I was in a car crash that seemed minor at the time but is still effecting me and I had to see a physiotherapist today
-One of my good friends has a boyfriend who was forced to move away on contract until February last September.
This week:
-I fell in the shower the day before yesterday and am pretty bruised from it
-I was leaving for class today and found that the ceiling in my bathroom was caving in and that the guys toilet above me was leaking into my tub (through said ceiling).
-The same good friend went home today to find her dog had passed away while she was at work.

Ok...so we're tired of being kicked...My bum hurts from it personally and we've had enough! I'm starting to become pretty paranoid!
We need good vibes or something ARG!
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My girlfriend is an Aries, and she's been having a heck of a time lately! In November, she was in a (very expensive) car accident. Her grandmother became very ill with lung cancer and passed away nine weeks after being diagnosed (that was in August.) She's also been having a lot of family problems. Today she had the worst asthma attack she's had in a really long time, and her doctor's office has been jerking her around about the paperwork she needs to get into school... so yeah. She (& vicariously, I) feels your pain!
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Another Aries here. I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm not having any major problems, other than seeing a rheumatologist today since I started having joint stiffness and pain in my fingers around July last year. It was so bad I had to drop out of college because I couldn't grip anything anymore. I did lose a cousin last year to a car accident, so that is kinda scary there.. Other than that, nothing too serious.
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^Good luck with your rheumatologist visit, hopefully you won't be sitting in the waiting room forever. There's no telling if your doc will keep their waiting room chilly, but just in case you might want to make sure you'll be warm.

Nothing too terrible lately though I've felt like I'm falling apart over the last year and I'm not looking forward to getting any sort of injections (doc threatened me with them ), I know they'll really hurt - if I'm lucky the local won't land me in a ER.
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Awww, I'm sorry things are not good for you right now..I am sending many "good luck" vibes your way to get in the way of that bad luck you are experiencing

Hang in there
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