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Strange, unique & spoiled

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, great forum site! Anyway heres my story.

I have a 3 year old long haired indoor neutered male. Jerk is his name (husband's idea lol) He does many many strange things which I could write a short novel on, but the one that we find the strangest is........ He has had this little toy grey mouse since a young kitten. Well, since then every night now when my husband & I are in bed (we sleep in an open loft upstairs) Jerk will howl & cry at the same time picking up his toy mouse & coming up the stairs ..he does not stop crying until he drops it by our bed. He only crys (high pitched) when he picks up this mouse. Its almost like he goes back to kittenhood lol.
We got him at about 8 weeks old, I know that the previous owner bought him that toy mouse, was not used to kittens, afraid he would scratch & make a mess so she kept him locked up in an extra bathroom downstairs for 2 weeks before we took him. Do you think this might be the reason?

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It sounds more to me like his natural hunting instinct. I have a few who do this with mice, but also a few that do it with little balls. It sure is funny though
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I'm not totally sure, but yeah I do agree with Sandie for the most part.
I also wanted to say that him being locked up in a bathroom for 2 weeks would not have anything to do with it. There are many animals which are confinded to a cage or one room while in quarinteen and they are uneffected, in such ways as what you've mentioned.

I personally wouldn't worry about this behavior, but someone else feel free to correct me.
Are you upset that he does this? Or just curious why?
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my kitten does this with his white shaker mouse, it's one of his favorite toys, that he runs around the house with, for what I can tell when he brings it at night with that little cry, it's because he wants to play with me and the mouse...so I toss it and he fetches it...I think it's so cute! Recently however he has started bring different toys in his mouth, balls, even string, he is so funny walking around with them, but at night it's only the mouse! Ayways I think the cry is (at least for my kitten) means PLAY WITH ME!
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Yep Taz does this too with jar lids and bottle caps.
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