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Another vomiting issue

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Mimi is a 2 yr. old calico former stray we added to our family in November. Had her checked out by a vet, which included a stool sample, before introducing and assimilating her to our other two kitties. Other than being terribly thin (she was declawed and abandoned) she was given a clean bill of health.

Mimi loves boiled chicken, dislikes canned wet food, but eats dry food as part of her diet and has been doing well. She ate well this morning but found the remains something she vomited overnight. It looked like she had thrown up some dry food, a small hairball, and three string-like things that were sort of elastic. They were not rubber bands but looked more like thin, cellophane noodles. Having read a few of the previously posted threads, I am concerned Mimi may have a worm problem. She is, however, stricly an indoor cat plus, I thought worms were largely an intestinal issue so I'm sort of at a loss to figure out how she may have contracted them. Carmen and Voodoo have no signs. Discovered all this after scooping the litter so I didn't check the stools.

Could this be worms, and if so what kind? Are Carmen and Voo susceptible, too? Mimi seems okay otherwise. Is there vet bill in my future this week or can I try to manage this on my own?
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string like makes me SUGGEST HIGHLY to get to the VET ... she may have eaten or swallowed something she should not have... yes it could be worms ... I am old school and wormed everyone at the same time... my current vet explained that is not nessessary
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