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My cats have started fighting

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These past couple of days, all five of my cats have begun fighting with each other. I don't know what could possibly have triggered it. Usually four of the cats get along well with each other. The fifth cat doesn't. But lately they are all chasing and biting each other, and it's not playful. Please help!!!!!
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Sometimes cats can get moody just like people. Of course, it only takes one to get the ball rolling. It could have been that they heard or saw something that upset them. Either that, or one picked a fight and they all got upset. It's usually pretty short lived, but you can try giving them some seperate space a few hours a day until things seem to return to normal. Maybe try putting a few in seperate rooms for short periods of time.
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A few things to add. Chances are all these cats are fixed, but typically this time of year, fighting will escalate among males who might not be neutered. Also add new toys into the group- (nothing with catnip in it though!)

Take some Rescue Remedy and about three times a day, dab a little bit under the chins and along the backs of all cats.

Play classical music, I know with my ferals, when I play harp music if they are getting aggressive, they calm down quickly. They also seem to like Bach and Beethoven. But Celtic music puts a few of them into a fit! Go figure....

Take each cat individually into another room at certain times during the day and just interact with them one-on-one, groom them, stroke them, play with them, lay on the floor and just talk with them. Sometimes, when you have so many cats, you start taking them for granted (not saying you do) but life happens and you get busy. Then they start acting out with each other to garner your attention- because they know you will stop what you are doing temporarily and break the fight up.

Hope these tips help. I use them in my household of 15 ferals.
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I will try some of your suggestions.
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Last night I brought a garden hose into my house. It had been outside. Last night was when the fighting started.
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This very well could be the problem. Chances are good that outdoor cats have been around your house and one or more might have sprayed the hose. If the hose has any scent of outdoor cats (especially if sprayed) it will definately lead to an aggressive frenzy!
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