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Cat Show in CT Please read

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Helping Paws Has A Cause


AIDS does not recognize color, race, gender or sexual preference in humans. Feline AIDS does not recognize a difference between the feral, stray, domestic pet or the purebred show cat.

FIV in cats, HIV in people: basically the same disease with the same results. Helping Paws has decided to join with the Imperial Court of Hartford in a fundraiser to help both people and animals.

On Saturday, February 22, 2003 Helping Paws will host their first annual three ring for fun only cat show at the Pond House in West Hartford, Connecticut from noon to 5:00 p.m.. There will be prizes and rosettes for the best household pets and the best apparent purebreds. No registration papers for purebreds are necessary and any domestic cat can be entered. You MUST be pre-registered as you cannot just randomly bring a cat to the show. All cats are entered into a catalogue before the show and we are limited to 100 entries.

There will be raffles, food, kitties up for adoption and vendors. There will be three judges from various cat associations who have volunteered to judge the show, as well as an official Master Clerk. The rules of the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts will be followed, but it is not an official show - its just for fun. And our best of the best - the six highest scoring cats of the day will be rewarded by being inducted into the Royal Court of Felines: the Empress, Emperor, two queens and two princesses will receive capes and crowns to remember their day in aristocracy.

Rings will be sponsored by local businesses so that the money for cat registrations and the entrance fee for the general public will go towards the cause. And what exactly is the cause and where will the money go? It will go to help groups that help people with AIDS. Since Helping Paws is an animal rescue organization, we have targeted AID A PET to receive half of the money raised that day. This wonderful group of volunteers provides the means for people with AIDS to keep their pets.

They provide food and veterinary care for these animals, and if a person becomes too ill to continue to care for their pet, AID A PET will help find that pet a new home. Studies have shown that people who are terminally ill do much better with their beloved pets at their side then those who are forced to give up their best friend because of financial constraints.

The Imperial Court will share the second half of the proceeds with a group who helps provide human medical care to HIV patients. In this way, we will join in a common cause against a deadly condition.

This joint venture is very dear to my heart and my reasons for getting involved are very personal. My wonderful adopted brother died of AIDS at the age of 35 years old. He was the kindest person I have ever had the good fortune to love and I miss him every day of my life. This show is done in his memory. My family spends every day rescuing animals who need us. On February 22nd we will also spend some time rescuing people.

I hope some of my readers and their special cats will join us that day. If you would like to enter our show or find out more information to come as a spectator, please email your name and address to our entry clerk at PetTalkCT@aol.com and we will mail you a flyer and registration form, or write to Helping Paws, P.O. Box 476, Colchester, CT 06415.
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What a wonderful cause! Thanks for the info Sandie. Now if I could just find a way to CT.....
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Sandie, this is wonderful! I too wish I could get to Connecticut so I could support this great cause. Wow!
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What a great cause, Sandie. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

We've lost several friends to AIDS, but no family.

CT is reachable but a hike for us... unfortunately, we've got plans with a customer in NYC this Saturday. I'd consider breaking them, but it's been put off twice already.

We sure hope there's a GREAT turnout. It sounds wonderfully organized and well thought out.

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wish I could be there!!
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Bless your heart for supporting such a wonderful cause. I hope that our members in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York will make it to the show. How sad that you lost your big brother. I'm so sorry.
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I wish I could be there Sandie! I will be there in spirit though. I too lost a relative to AIDS several years ago.
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Are you and Ken springing for airfare?
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Sounds like a wonderful cause, Sandie! I'm close to CT, but don't think I'll be able to get over there for it.

And I'm sorry about your brother.
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Sandie....I hope all goes well with the show today!!! I wish I could be there!!!! It is for such a worthy cause, I hope you have a great turnout and raise alot of money!!!! And I think it is so awesome that it is being done in memory of your brother. He would be proud.

Let us know how it goes!!!!!
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