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Raggs Formerly Feral

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Thought I would share a picture of one of the Ferals that has come to us in need of assistance. This is Raggs (Raggedy Andy) (re:Noah in my Intro, new name suites him better). He was found in our garage on Christmas Eve Day, stuck upside down inbetween the wall and a wooden box. Froze partially to the wall, and not breathing, his eyes were open and pupils fixed. A few minutes before I had heard the weak cries of a desperate cat but could not locate where the crying was coming from. Was just about to give up and leave and saw about an inch of his tail between the cracks. Pulled him out after unsticking his back leg and foot and there was no life left in him or so I had thought. He fur was frozen and he was ice cold. Was just going to lay him aside until my DH could put him somewhere and then remembered that I had just heard him crying a few minutes before, maybe it was worth trying something. Took him in the house and started to warm him in the bathroom sink (tepid water) and did a little CPR. It actually scared me when he started to move.....Continued to change out the water several times, warmer each time. He started purring and I lost it.

He is doing quite well in spite of everything. He lost some fur on his foot and belly where he was froze to the wall. Also some scabs on his ears where they connect to his head. He appeared to have a seizure also right after he had come back around but has not had any since that time. We guess him to be about 4-5 months of age, quite small and thin. After several weeks of good food, lots of loving and parasite removal things for him are turnng around. What a love bug he is, gives kisses too!
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OMG, he's GORGEOUS!!!! So glad you could save him!!!
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What a story! I'm so glad you were able to save him, what a doll!
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Whispering Cats what a blessing she/he found you! Certainly sent to you from above.

I loooove hear these former feral stories it give me hope my own newest little feral Baby the Maine Coon with the short legs tames soon!

I had great success with a flame point Siamese, that was simply genetically
programmed to looooove people and be a laid back boy.

Lets hope these Maine Coon genes are have as good as the Siamese

I alway heard Maine Coons were very outgoing, friendly with other cats, and liked people... and not too much inclined to be 'fraidy cat either...

So far Baby is on track. 14 wks of age, got him at 12 and he's already sitting out in the room, letting me (sometimes) stand up and not running when
I come into room. Getting closer to me playing too...

Dying to intro to pets, but slowly slowly!
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another kitty saved. You rock!
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He is gorgeous! Thank you for saving him.
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Wow - what an ordeal for him (and you!). He looks like he's getting better and better quickly though. And, judging by that ruff, it looks like Raggs going to be a big, FLUFFY boy. Make sure to keep us updated on him and his progress!
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Thanks everyone! He is a sweet little thing. I'm still uncertain how he got where he was. He still smells like a cattle yard, if that makes sense or sewer. He has been bathed numerous times and I can still smell it on him. Sometimes it would be nice if they could talk. I'd like to know what happened to him as the other cat with the broken jaw, Carly also got herself in trouble. He is doing really well and I forsee him as continuing to improve. The little ones seem to be quite resilient. Is still amazing that he is even here considering his state when I found him.
Enjoying the kitten antics. He is smitten with little Harley, perhaps because she is so tiny. She would not give him the time of day at first, hissing, spitting and swatting. He would follow her around and talk with his trilling voice trying so hard to get her to like him. So cute and it paid off for him! She will now play with him, of course on her terms and times (Calico attitude that one). He is thrilled to say the least.
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OMG what an amazing story! What a WONDERFUL story! He's beautiful - and happily enjoying kitten life, thanks to you (and hubby). And now he's pals with your Calico - he must be a real charmer.

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I'm hoping no more anytime soon are sent to me from above as the Inn is full! LOL

Your little 'Baby' sounds so darling. Awww bet you cannot wait to intro. That slowly with patience is sometimes hard isn't it! I've found it helps when the others show them that things are ok. Carly did so well after being in the bedroom for over a month with us and then they all had smelled her on us and under the door. I'm still not believing how well that has worked. She has a ways to come but is amazing us non the less.

One of my cats Maddie is a Maine Coon, a very different cat she is. We got her as a kitten and she has never really cared for any of the other cats. She is very much like a dog. She plays with them, follows us everywhere talking and has major cat-a-tude with the other cats. Even growls like a dog. She is my only experience with them. I love her because she is so people oriented. She lets you clip her nails whenever you want and if she gets a mat in her fur (which is in spite of brushing, combing ect.) you can use a clipper without any restraint to cut it out. She will cuff you if you are not paying attention and she thinks you should be, and will chase you around demanding things. LOL Maddie plays a great game of fetch also with a wad of paper, as soon as she hers anyone start to crumple paper she comes a runniing. You have much to look forward too!!

What a wonderful job you are doing and hopefully Baby will be soon enjoying being the great cats that Maine Coon are and her wonderful new life with you.
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