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I love how now they are "poo's" and "doodles" and "shnoodles" and a few years ago they were "some funny looking curly haired mutt" lol. No cuter then they were back then but now they have a fancy name so they must be just adorable.

Personally I think that Puggles have got to be one of the most ugliest little mixes ever!
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I'm fostering a "purebred" Schnoodle! Had him for 2 weeks now....neutered/housetrained/good with kids/cats/dogs....he's still here!

(Sorry, best pic I've really got of him)
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Originally Posted by zao_cat View Post
Excuse me, but I need to vent.------------------------------------------------- Don't people realize that these designer dogs are nothing but mutts. To get her dog they mixed a Shi-Tzu and a Poodle to her so called Shi-Poo.
No they don't! The people (like Pet Barn) tell them the dog can be registered with it's own breed and that is IS a purebred.

LONG time ago friends of a friend bought what they thought was a purebred golden doodle. They were shocked to find out it was a mutt.

Now Browntrout Calendars have got in to it as they have ?/doodle calendars!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
From what I've read regarding the labradoodles, they are NOT consistant enough to be a breed - still too much variables and they do shed to some degree - its no guarentee they won't.

The originators in Australia have abandoned the project cause of inconsistences. Can you show me some articles/breeders who are getting type/standard in breeding 2 labradoodles together - something very consistent?
WELL though that is true - NONE of todays dogs look like they were originally bred to look.

The Standard Poodle of today is much too small and it has a muzzle like an Afgan hound. The original bulldog did not used to have such a big head with a squished in muzzle AND look what they have done to the Border Collies! THEY no longer (in a show) have the beautiful pricked or tulip ears but low hanging ears like the Aussie's used to have and the Aussie's ears look like they have been flattened to their head.

This is all done by most rich bored people who "need" to change what 'ain't broke'!
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