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Why does my cat always seem hungry??

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Boo is always hungry. I feed him half a can of wet food morning and night, and he has dry food left out all day long. The problem is, he doesn't want to eat the dry food. I'll feed him his wet food in the morning, then a few hours later, he's screaming at me because he's hungry. He keeps trying to lead me to the fridge. I'm worried about over-feeding him. He's not fat, nor is he too skinny. I don't understand why he always seems to be starving when there's always dry food out for him. Why doesn't he just eat that??
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Maybe try a different dry food? Frankie is ALWAYS begging for food but like Boo what she really wants is the wet food. I just ignore her pleas for food and distract her by snuggling or playing with her. Of course, if it IS dinner time she won't leave the kitchen until she gets her wet food which can make cooking a real task. If Boo isn't underweight I wouldn't worry about starving him but if yous worried anyway I'd try to find a dry food that he's more willing to eat.
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the only problem with switching their dry food is that the main part of Spartakiss's diet is dry food and he's pretty picky. Right now I'm feeding them Nature's Variety Raw Instinct. Is there another kind of grain free food that I could try?? I actually find this stuff to be really really stinky.
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Is there a medical reason as to why he needs wet food? Maybe he's not eating the dry food because the wet food is much more tastier and that is what he wants.
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he's never really liked dry food. I've had him since he was born, and he's only ever wanted wet food. I tried weaning him onto 4 different kinds of food when he was a kitten but with no luck. I've tried 2 other kinds of dry foods after the other kittens were gone. He just doesn't want to eat it. I'll see him picking at it a little if he's really hungry in the middle of the day and I don't give him any wet food but he'll only eat a few kibbles. The only find of dry food he likes is whiskas but he only gets a couple kibbles a day as a treat.
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I agree - try a different dry food. Wet food is the healthiest for your kitty and you wouldn' believe how many of us had a rough time finding a wet our kitties would eat so consider yourself lucky there.

I changed our kitties to wet morning and night with Orijen as a dry during the day. Orijen is a grain-free food you might want to look into. Our cats loved it right away.
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I've never heard of that brand of food before. I don't think the stores around here carry it, but I'll check.
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Ok, I just found out that a store near here does carry it, so maybe I'll give it a try. I'm just looking at their website now. Thank you.
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taste of the wild is one I am using since orijen is something I would have to ship in ...
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