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are softpaws available at petco or petsmart? i am anxious to get them. i just adopted my cat on saturday. he is just marking his territory right now. he scratches for about five seconds and moves on. i'm not worried about my furniture. he goes to his post more often than he goes to the furniture. i spray the post with catnip. i'm just concerned about my landlord telling me that i need to get angus declawed. i believe everything will be fine b/c my landlord is not requesting a letter from the attending vetenarian, which makes me think she knows i would be against the procedure. and she seemed excited when i told her i'd be adopting. still, softpaws will be a good alternative, and it will make my fight easier to win, should i need to stand up for myself and my cat. i do not think clipping my cat's nails will be a big hassle. he doesn't mind me examining them.
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I got soft paws at my local PetSmart
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pet smart sell them, try ebay also, just be warned the first time you put them on your cat will probably hate them and try and bite them off..Mellow does this still but generally if you use the right amount of glue it will be OK, also use th eclear ones for the first few times, its easier to see how much glue you are using.
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