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Question of the Day - January 14th

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Mr CoolCat, Rigel, has graciously offered to let my brain rest on Monday mornings, so you will be treated to a question of his making on Monday!! Here's what he wants to know about he folks of TCS:

┬┐Wich one is the favourite brand of Tennis (shoes) that fits you perfectly?...I mean do you have any preference to buy a tennys?...and how many pairs do you have in what colours?....

I personally only have 2 pairs of tennis shoes. One is a pair of Keds that are like slip-ons and are beige colored, and then I have a pair of New Balance with light blue trim. I'm not particular, whatever fits me and is cheap is what I buy
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I have a couple pairs of tennis shoes. All are New Balance!
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I buy New Balance because Consumer's Reports rates them the best (in both men's and women's).
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you very welcomed Katie!.....Let see about it....

I have a pair of tennis too......A Reebok of leather in white colour and a Nike in fabric material! favourites are the Nike, BUT I was thinking this year to buy a PUMA for go out on nights!...

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I am a New Ballance Girl too... I had fallen arches a few years ago and they are amazingly supportive for the feet.
I have 4 pairs... 1 Brown, 1 Black, 1 white and one just for walking which are mostly white with blue
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The closest I've come to tennis shoes are my Sketchers...I love them!
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I have two pairs. No particular brand I like. I just try on everything and if it fits comfy I wear them. Current colors are gray, white and pink. The other pair is brown and white.
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My SKETCHERS I got for Christmas.
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Every tennis shoe I own is Vans. They are so comfortable. I like black tennis shoes the best but I also like the slip on vans with designs on them. My favorite have little pigs with wings flying around.
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I call them Sneakers but anyway I have a few pairs of Nike shocks and love them
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I have a pair of Adidas that I've had since high school. They are white with blue and green on them. I use them for taking long walks and things. It's about time they were replaced. I also have a pair of sketchers that are more look than function shoes. They are the style that looks more like a track shoe than a regular athletic shoe. Those are a dark green/brownish color with some tan and yellow on them.
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I'm not very picky about brands, but I usually won't wear anything but tennis shoes. I currently only have two pairs, one is my "upstairs pair" and one is my "downstairs pair". There's so much mud out here, I can't wear the shoes through the house but that way I have some by each door if I need to go outside!
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I don't care about the brand, only the price. They have to be inexpensive because I have a habbit of buying A LOT!!! My favorites shoes are heals, but my favorite tennis shoes are my pink/black and pink/brown
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I call them Sneakers but anyway I have a few pairs of Nike shocks and love them
I LOVE Nike's! I had some but need a new pair - I want a pink pair
Now I have a brand, not sure what, from WalMart - they are super cute & really comfy though!
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I usually favor Sketchers and Nike and that's what I have now....
but comfort is a must over which I buy... I prefer to be barefooted anyways! I have flat feet and a whole day in shoes hurts!!
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When I was waitressing, I wore Sketchers. They were the most comfortable I found for 10 hour shifts on my feet.

I still own a pair, but don't really wear them now.
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New Balance are the only ones I wear, but come to think of it, I don't own a single pair of tennis shoes, because I hate them.

I wear cowboy boots!
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i have never found "comfortable" shoes. I have wide feet thanks to my native american ancestory and they just dont make shoes wide enough. The wide ones i do get are still not comfortable. So they are supposed to be comming out with (acording to my mother) shoes especially designed for native americans that are made to accomodate our wide usually flat feet . So i cant wait to try them if they ever come out. When i get shoes they are either too long and barely wide enough or too narrow and just about short enough, either way they dont last very long because for one i am hard on shoes and for two the stitching dont hold because my feet streach the sides.
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I've got one pair of really bright obnoxious shoes...yellow/pink/blue.

Then I've got a pair of light blue New Balance.
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No tennis shoes here We love shoes you can just slip on quickly...
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I don't really go for brand names I am big on the $29.99 Specials.
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i dont even have any tennis shoes anymore ehhe
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I have two pairs, the dirty dog walking/outdoor shoes and my only slightly less dirty nicer shoes I like any tenny with a good arch.
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For some reason this past summer I bought some Adidas they are mesh
mostly white, w/silver, and orange! I like them just fine! I do have another pair of Adidas, they aren't that great! I bought them cheap a couple of summers ago, when Jace was playing all stars baseball, their uniforms were Maroon and white. and I happened upon a maroon and white plain pair! not very comfortable! I prefer white tennis shoes! I love those Wal-Mart specials, that are canvas, with that 2 inch sole! Love those, and can't seem to find them anymore!
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I'm very limited in the shoes I can find to fit my feet. I wear a size 5EE (could probably wear smaller, but can't find any!) My work shoes are SAS (San Antonio Shoe company.) I have a white pair and a black pair. I also have a pair of leather Keds, for kicking around the house. I don't wear them much because my orthotics don't fit into them. I have a pair of wooden shoe stretchers that I use to make my 5EE's even wider. Actually, I should just throw away the shoes and wear the boxes home!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I call them Sneakers but anyway I have a few pairs of Nike shocks and love them
Why's that Helen? Do you sneak around in them?

I call them running shoes and I have a pair of New Balance, a pair of Nike Shox and countless pairs of Gallaz skate shoes.
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