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"Spiky" Cat Fur?

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here. My 10-year-old calico, Little Bit, has had "spiky" cat fur for about 3 years, so it's nothing sudden. I am 22 and around the time I moved from my parents' to my own place around age 19, Little Bit both lost the fat pouch on her lower belly, and her fur started looking like this (see attached pics).

Everyone I know including my vet tell me it's nothing to worry about. My vet claims "when cats get older they don't groom as well" but that is BS, I watch my cat groom like she always has, plus she is NOT that old. She still acts like a kitten and is in perfect health. The vet even said that just looking at her bloodwork, you would think she was a much younger cat.

I know it sounds vain, but I find her fur being "spiky" like this to be quite ugly. I am always petting behind her ears to smooth the fur back down. I brush her fur every few days, brush her teeth almost every day, and she eats both dry and wet food. She is extremely spoiled. Giving her a bath does not help anything - her fur is much softer after a bath, but alas, it is still "spiky."

Anyone know why her fur is doing this, and if there's anything I can do to make it lay flat?

This is how her fur looks:

This is how I WANT it to look (I smoothed it down for this pic):

I really appreciate any help!
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I think that's just how a short hair looked when it shifts just right... Correct me if I'm wrong.
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My cats fur goes like that as well so it's perfectly normal
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
My cats fur goes like that as well so it's perfectly normal
Yeppers, looks normal to me...awwwwwwwww I love Trouts spikes
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At 10 years old, your cat is a senior. I think you do have to expect changes in appearance with age... in cats as well as humans. Sometimes the fur grays or changes color.

What's important is that she still acts young and healthy.
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Is the way your cats hair stands really a reason to consider your precious cat ugly?

It appears normal to me and I don't see anything ugly about it.

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Welcome to TCS, Brittany & Little Bit!! Little Bit is gorgeous - what stunning colors I understand your concern - Joey, although only 3, recently had the same situation going on, so I let him eat JC's Maine Coon Mix & he's been doing much better. Also, I started using a cheap, plastic human comb to get at his undercoat (I was using a "Shed-Ender" that he loves) and that really helps too, but you'll have to comb her daily. The cats love being combed and it takes only a few minutes at most.
I don't know how healthy it is for short haired cats to eat MC mix, but my vet said it's mostly the size of the kibble and that all Royal Canin foods are very beneficial anyway.
Please let me know how it's going! Susan
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Charlie's does that too. Jasmines didn't she was very young and had very fine fur. Charlie has course, thick fur so it never stays down!

It is perfectly normal, but a good excuse to give them a nice grooming, they'll love you for it.
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Little Bit is a beautiful girl! My first thought was to test her for CRF but you've already gone that route with your vet. My second thought was about her diet. What are you feeding her? My cats fur will take on a different look with different foods.
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IMHO her coat looks a bit oily...try giving her a bath and see what happens!
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
IMHO her coat looks a bit oily...try giving her a bath and see what happens!
it does, but the OP said it's like that after bathing, too.
Mouse's fur did this - she had that RB 'double coat', & it separated like that all the time... except immediately after grooming. it was soft like a rabbit's fur, too. you could sink your fingers into it down to the 1st knuckle.
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