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i lost my first cat, when i was living back home with my parents. he was such an adorable little thing, we rescued him & one other from being thrown around. it was 2002 i lost him, when i was doing my GCSE'S, i got home to really bad news. some kids must of had an air rifle, either that or someone's really sick! when my mum took him to the vet, he said that he had a bullet wedged in his brain & one in his heart, he'd also got run over after the shooting process, as i think he had a broken leg also. he had to be put down, because he was suffering. he was my life aswel, adored him!

i buried him with a lock of my hair
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Im sorry about your loss... Losing a kitty is never easy!! They are truely members of the family!!

Even though it has been six years, I bet you still miss Sydney terribly!

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I'm so sorry you had to lose him May he RIP
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Sorry for your loss

May he Rest In Peace
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Aww so sorry to hear about sweet Sidney May he rest in peace
That is so sweet how you buried him with a lock of your hair
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I'm so sorry about your loss. Rest in Peace Sidney.
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I am so sorry about your loss. may he rest in peace!
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My symphathies for the loss of your sweet little Sydney. It is so sweet that you buried him with a lock of your hair. Now a part of you will always be with him.
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thanks! just goes to show, that there are some really sick people in the world! yeh, am glad a part of me will always be with him, i still have his lock of fur

he'll never be forgotten!
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