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misses her daddy?

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My bf left for a 10 day trip a couple of days ago, and Gracie's behavior has been odd to say the least!!! she's been very naughty, and sleeping in unusual positions in unusual spots, just very unchracteristic of her. Also every time i come home she is waiting by the door and tries to race right out (she's strictly and indoor cat). She also is very hyper at night, and is meowing a lot. Could she maybe be stressed that her daddy is gone, or should i call the vet?
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is she spayed? She is exhibiting typical behavior for an unspayed cat except she would be a lot more vocal and do a lot of rubbing up and down and rolling too. But with kitty season fast approaching, if she is not spayed, it would be a good idea to get her in.

If she is spayed and she is very attached to your bf she could be trying to go and look for him. If he left an old tennis shoe behind that he recently wore, dig it out and let her have it, put it by one of her sleeping spots. Any item of clothing that has his scent- if you haven't laundered his pillowcase recently, that would be another thing you could give her.

If she is eating, drinking and pooping in the litter box I wouldn't be concerned that she is sick.
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LOL, ok, so i will cancel the vet appt. that i made today, the receptionist acted like i was crazy anyways!! she has been spayed, so i will try the pillowcase or maybe a shirt, THANKS!
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