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Something I saw this evening

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I am so sad right now.....

Earlier today I saw a dead cat(RIP sweet one) up the road from us. Well it was pretty much right in the way( meaning, getting ran over again) So tonite I am heading out of town, and I see a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road.....where the deceased kitty was, right? Low and behold the people(bless their hearts) were moving the deceased baby out of the road way. Apparently a sheriff was passing thru town and also saw these people stopped~and he pulled them over! I guess it really hit me the wrong way! These caring people were trying to get the baby out of the way, and the sheriff thought he had to pull them over. When I passed by their vehicle you could see that the driver was apparently crying It is just nice to see some caring people out there, and they did a good deed by moving that kitty.....I sure hope the officer didn't give them a ticket for anything!
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Maybe he couldn't tell what they were doing, it's hard to know. It's not fair to assume he knew what they were doing, and pulled them over for it.

Bless their hearts for caring enough to move the poor kitty when nobody else would.
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Agreed! If their car was blocking the road or anything, that would be why.

Also if he knew there was an animal, but didn't know it was dead, he could've been getting their attention away thinking that if it were rabid they could get bitten. If he did, a dead animal can carry many diseases that could have infected the human body.

Hopefully he didn't give them a ticket when he realized what they were doing.
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Yeah I am sure he didn't know what they were doing.....I just hope he didn't ticket them.
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maybe he thought they hit the cat, i believe its considered cruilty to animals to intentionally run over one.
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I hope he simply didn't know what they were doing, I could only think of any reasonable situation being that it looked odd they were pulled over and doing something unclear. It is so heart breaking to see this.
There has been a few times I have come across some dead deer, and once one that was still alive but severely injured, not able to get up. I have always called the police, it is there responsibility of the safety of our roads.........
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