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The Award Shows this year SUCK!

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Due to the writer's strike, this years award shows are going to go down in history as the most memorable....boring!

One or two people standing at a podeum announcing the nominees and the winners! They should have just postponed the awards until after the strike!
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I was wondering about this. I know the writers were on strike, but DH today said the Actor Screen Guild is on strike to support the writers. anybody actually going to show up for the SAG awards?
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My brain-damaged daughter even noticed She said that she might tape over the last awards show (the one that Queen Latifa mc'd - that's harsh from her!!!
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The Golden Globe Awards are on tonight. Usually it's more than 3 hours long. Tonight they have it scheduled for 1 hour!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Tonight they have it scheduled for 1 hour!
I don't mind at all, I don't watch the award shows and they take off my regular shows to air them.
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People actually WATCH awards shows?

I personally find them incredibly boring, so it doesn't bother me in the least that they aren't happening this year.
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I rather liked it. Usually I spend about an hour fast-forwarding through the show to find funny bits and winners... this way, all winners!

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Oddly enough, we rented Far from Her the night before. We agreed Julie Christie could not be beat and we saw Atonement yesterday and agreed it could not be beat.
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Personally I don't understand why they even broadcast the awards, The only ones I have ever watched have been the MTV awards because of the preformances. I don't even watch that anymore.
I am not phased by what the "Academy" thinks of a movie... if i think it's going to be somthing i'm interested in I go and see it if I don't like it, I don't like it, and I go on with my life. The same thing goes for Music... If I like the artist I might buy the cd but if I don't I won't.
I mean are we a society so governed by what others think that we can't make the decision ourselves? Personally I couldn't care less about "who they are wearing" or how "fabulous" they are. I mean if you need to give eachother an awary for being "brilliant" go ahead, but society in whole dosn't need to watch stars who are paid millions of dollars get awards that will in the end increase their asking price for future film rolls.

I don't know... I must be bitter
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I'm glad I decided to watch PERSUASION on Masterpiece Theater last night instead of the GG'S.
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It's really not fair to those who are nominated. The girl from Hairspray said it best. She said it's like "Getting ready for the prom, then being told it's canceled". They should really go ahead with the award shows.
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