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nutro dry food question

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Strictly based on flavor and which one your cats liked best....

did they find the complete care or the Max their favorite???


Also, is the canned/pouches tasty to most cats/kittens?
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Mine did not care for the adult indoor choice in fish flavor -but the original flavor is a big hit.

They like all of the little cans (Max), but only licked the juices and left the meat when I tried the pouches. Oh, well....
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My cats like the Nutro - Chicken and Rice

Never tried the Nutro wet food
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Jack loves the nutro natural choice indoor, chicken (kitten) I must say it does have a strong chicken smell. I prefer a real chicken leg myself.

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nutro natural choice kitten for Zoey ... Kandie prefered the chn max ... both would eat the fish flavored wets
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My cat has eaten both and far prefers the Max Cat. He loves any of the flavors of dry. I also thought the Natural Choice dry kibble was too large and too hard, but that's because my cat has an intestinal condition.
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Jamie only likes the salmon dry food. Originally, he got the Max Cat, but due to a change in EU regulations, the salmon is Natural Choice now. He really loves that flavor, but not any of the others.

He's not fond of the wet food, whether in the little cans or pouches.
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My 4 kitties are big fans of Nutro Max Chicken & found out the hard way that they'd like to keep it that way

We also use Nutro Max Canned, My kitties favorites are All Chicken Varities, Beef & Halibut.
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Mattie likes the Nutro Natural Indoor dry (regular/chicken flavor) and the Nutro Natural Indoor Cans and pouches. I've never given her any of the Nutro Max products.

Chloe eats the Nutro Natural Indoor Kitten dry food. Her opinion on the cans/pouches:
Nutro Max Chicken/Tomato Pouch for Kitten: she LOVES
Nutro Natural Pouches for Kitten: these are ok for her
Nutro Natural Cans: these are ok, not her favorite
Nutro Max Cans: she likes these more than the Nutro Natural cans
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Tailer very much prefers the Nutro Max Gourmet Classics pouches to the Natural Choice pouches. (But since the Natural Choice has a weight management pouch, he has to put up with those half the time.) Tailer also prefers the pouches to any of the Nutro cans, but Harvey always prefered the cans, so it may be a matter of individual taste.
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Not sure I learned anything other than each cat has their own
opinions,but thanks

I think I will go with the natural choice and try the pouches at


At least I know I'm feeding them a decent food. Relief.
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