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pregnant stray- advice needed

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I was at my moms today and when i was walking back from my sisters i discovered a kitty. She is soooo cute and sooooooooo very pregnant. I asked around and aparently she is a stray. She is black and white with short little legs and no tail, and her belly drags the ground. She ran into my aunts abandoned house down the street from my mom, so i am guessing thats where she lives. I took a handfull of catfood and put it out for her in there. How would be the best way to trap her before she has the kitties? I thought about putting food out for a few days and trying to borrow a trap and catch her that way, but i am afraid maybe as pregnant as she is that would be a bit harse on her? Anyway i need advice, i dont wanna cause her any undue harm or cause her to loose the kitties.
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Maybe she's not feral, just a scared stray. Keep feeding her (kitten food if possible) and maybe give her some fresh water. Being preg she needs all the help she can get. Maybe put a blanket or something she can have her kittens on. Maybe a box turned on its side with a blanket or hay in it. Anything to get them off the cold floor.
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If the cat is in a relatively safe place, some people prefer to let them have the kittens and let her teach them the stuff they need to learn before trying to trap her and them.

The problem with this is that then it's not one cat you need to trap, it's lots. If you havea room in which you can foster her while she has the kittens, I'd try to trap her before she has them. It's not too harsh - she and her kittens will be safer for it.

I'd put out food for 2 - 3 days at the same time and the same place, and I'd only leave it out for 1/2 and hour. I would not wait too close so as to not scare her off from it. If you can find a large cardboard box, it'd be a good idea to cut the flaps off both ends of it and put the food in there. With both sides open, she should feel safe enough to go in - but it will also help her be comfortable with the idea that she's going "in" something to eat.

This should be enough time to get her coming. Then I'd put the trap out. I'd wash the trap and spray it with Feliway before I put the trap out. I'd cut open the cardboard box, and kind of prop it over the trap. I'd pour kitty litter or potting soil over the wires so she doesn't have to feel the wire on her feet. I'd put something really stinky in there, like tuna or herring (no sauce!). I'd have contacted a vet, so I could take her straight to the vet for a check-up, flea treatment (if necessary), &etc.

I'd put a big plastic tarp down over the seat of my car so if she's freaked (which most trapped cats are) and pees or poop, it doesn't ruin the seat of your car. I'd put a light blanket over the top of the trap (not the sides) during transporation.

I'd have gotten a room in my home ready for her - with hidey boxes to chose from, a litter box with clay litter in it, and food and water.

What a wonderful thing you want to do for this kitty!

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well she, or something ate the food i put out yesterday(i hope its not a skunk), so today i will put the box in like y'all suggested with food. I thought about leaving her until she had the kittens but the neighbors are not cat friendly and i wont go into that very greusome story unless someone pm's me about it, but its not for the faint of heart, but lets say she wont live long if they catch her first. Our vet is pretty good about taking us on the spur of the moment, he is an old country vet so he is used to housecalls if nec. and if nothing else i can drive out to his house with her once i get her and if he is out of town then there is another vet a few miles away that wont be hard to contact usually. A spare room for her wont be a problem, the whole second floor is used for storage and would be ok, but i would probably just put her in my nephews old room so it would be easier to keep check on her and i wouldnt have to climb those narrow stairs(i have bad knees).
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