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How spoiled are your kitties?

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Honestly, how spoiled are they?
When Tiger demands his loving, he gets it, even in the middle of the night or in the bathroom. You just can't say no to him!
When Angel wants to play, you better play with her or else she'll play with you whether you're ready or not!
Every evening, about 20 minutes before we go to sleep, we play with the kitties on our bed. They're so used to that routine that it's kind of hard to skip it and they know when it's bedtime because they'll run after us to the bedroom.
The kitties are free-fed but they do get a few treats every now and then like cat treats, sometimes cooked chicken bits and ham. So spoiled little things!
If the cats are asleep on our laps, we won't move unless it's an emergency, lol!
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All three kitties of mine are spoilt, in more ways than one. They each have their own beds to sleep in (but not very often) their own toys to play with, separate food and water bowls...the list seems never-ending!

I will admit, with Arwen belonging to me, and the other two to my parents, she gets so much attention off me that she is becoming rather spoilt indeed..not saying that the other two get left out or anything, my parents give them their treats instead. I do fuss and coo over Shark and Brandy, but most of the time they don't seem Arwen's case, she laps it all up like there is no tomorrow.
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Spoiled!? No mine aren't. I just learned how to hold off from using the bathroom while a kitty is on my lap. I have adjusted to go to bed at 2am since Ben wants to play 10:30 to whenever. I have learned how to sleep laying on my back in one position for 8 hours because of a Lucky in between my legs and a snoring husband pushed up against me.

No they aren't spoiled at all.
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I can honestly say they aren't too spoiled yet... but we're working on it!
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Swanie is so spoiled that when he wants his favorite seat on the couch, we'll get up and give it to him..and he gets really agitated if we don't get up right away. He's even booted me out of my computer chair.

I've learned to sleep diagonally because they've taken a liking for the spot on the bed where my feet would normally go. Or on my back because Cindy is sleeping on my chest. And not to move no matter how painful my current position is because it might dislodge them.

They're so spoiled they don't go to the food, the food comes to them (I bring the bowls to whever they happen to be).

Basically, they have us both wrapped around their paws
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Spoiled? No. Not my boys.

Seriously, they have every toy that a cat would ever want OR need, 4 beds for TWO cats (they need options, right? ) They eat better than I do most of the time & sleep better than I do I open the window when its 20* so they can have fresh air while sitting in the window. When I give them treats, I BRING Harley his. What? If he gave you those big, loving eyes, you'd do the same thing

Spoiled? Yes. LOVED. YES
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Ok, I thought I spoiled Beacon and Sox, but after reading a few of these stories I don't think so. I guess I am still fighting for my ownership rights in this household. Sure I treat them like royalty with premium food and treats (every once and awhile), and they have plenty of toys to keep occupied with. But I guess I still have too much dog owner in me (had a dachshund growing up) that I still feel a little guilty leaving them alone as much as I do sometimes.
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Oh boy, is Seamus spoiled! If I'm on the couch lounging or watching TV and he is laying all snug, I try not to move.. he gets two treats every night before bed, and will not rest until he gets them (that started when I was correcting the pouncing problem, told him "No", he would stop and get a treat for listening) Then he lays right on top of me dead center in the bed, and I struggle to fall asleep because I have to accomodate his comfort. We play every morning and I make sure I get up early enough to do so, so I can never cheat and take an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the AM... he gets nice toys and plays with paper towels instead... and when he wants toys, he just goes right in his toy bin and make a mess!

I can't complain though... he's very good to me, when I want to pet him, he's agreeable 99% of the time... he let me dress him up for Christmas and take an awesome picture, he's letting me harness train him at 2 years old, he's good with nail clipping finally... so he makes the spoiling worth it!
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yep, mine are definately spoilt! always think about them before me LOL, they are always getting new collars & toys! & they always get left-overs from tea time hehe
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Well let's put it this way. I was sitting on the floor the other night watching tv because my three we sleeping in my recliner and I didn't want to disturb them. That pretty much says it all
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cookie get many treats every now and then and get we feed her chicken, beef, and high quality wet food also sometimes drinks my milk when im not looking and i give it to her after i catch her so she is spoiled
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Define spoiled......

If the word was questionable, these posts would have cleared it up!
Zoe is definetly spoiled....she gets fed first in the mornings before I can get anything else going, ....
even though she is free-fed and always has food out available, she will stand on my feet and ask to be fed until I put her over her plate..she eats like "oh, there it is!" ...
she eats better if someone is in the room with her, so I make up things to do when in there when I know she is really hungry...
she gets new toys alot, if not from me, then my boys wanting to get her something. yesterday, my 9 yr old says we need to get Zoe a toy today since we didn't get anything last time (she checks out all the shopping/grocery bags every time we bring them in like "what's for me?"...
she has bed, blanket etc that she doesn't use because she shares ours....
I leave out cardboard boxes and empty toilet paper rolls just because she likes them....
DH will kick up his recliner because she sits and looks at him waiting, she likes to sit with him or more likely, they both take a nap there! ...
we hold and cuddle her like she's a baby ...
well, basically, the list goes on...we are 4 of Zoe's people in this house and we are all well trained, and everyone spoils her like crazy!
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Well, I don't think they're very spoiled...

They rarely get treats. We don't buy them a lot of toys (they much prefer cardboard boxes and milk jug rings ) No cat beds or cat trees. They are certainly well cared for and adored, but not really indulged
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Riley gets pretty much anything he wants, every time

He is SO spoiled its ridiculous
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lol wow after reading those i have to say Teddy isnt as spoilt as i thought! lol. He is always with me when i am home and awake. He isn't allowed in our bedroom, he only gets treats when he goes in his litter tray (trying to re-potty train). But i must say when we are travelling he cries if he is in the box so i have him on my lap. (not when im driving of course). he loves looking out the window watching the other cars lol
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My Tigger is horriblely spoiled. If the food bowl is not level, he will come to wherever I am sitting, standing, laying, etc. and scratch and meow until I go and shake his food bowl. The food has to be level or he will act completely crazy until I shake it. He loves to do this in the middle of the night. He will get on my pillow and scratch at my head until I get up and shake the bowl. He has me completely trained. He even had my ex-roommate trained to do the same thing. LOL And he is not the only one. Sophie gets on the counter every morning when i fix my hair and puts her paws on my shoulder. I have to carry her around on my shoulder ( like a baby) for a few minutes or she won't leave me alone. Truthfully, I treat all my cats better than I treated my ex husband.....course, they are much more loyal than he ever was!
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My kitty is beyond spoiled, because she is allowed to live her life the way she wants to. Amber (cat's name) she is allowed to climb on top of cupboards with supervision, she sit on the table if she wants to, 2 times a week she gets a kitty spa treatment. I buy the expensive brand of cat food and spring water just for her, she doesn't like anything else. If she wants me to give her some attention she will jump onto the computer desk or wherever I am and I give up what I am doing just for her little attention time. Oh by the way she is on a daily schedule. I even told her that I would live in a cardboard box for her to have a warm place to sleep (in the apartment with all the neccessities). I spoil her this way because of what she went through when she was young.
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Squishy is the most demanding when we lay down to go to sleep and OH MY GOD what is it with the bathroom, and why does she think she has to sit on my shoulder when i am trying to use the bathroom? i mean she is sooooo sweet when im there..... it is funny tho cause she only does it to me not hammy lol?
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My kitties are so ridiculously spoiled, it's....ridiculous! If spookie wants to sit in your lap, he is in your lap. And if you try to move him to get up, he is back in your lap before you even have a chance to move. And he is so put out that you tried to move him! How dare I move, unless its to get them food. That's a different story. They won't eat "old" food, you know, food that's been in their bowl maybe 2 hours. You have to act like you put fresh food in!What is that! And I don't even get to pick where I sleep. They have to settle in, and then I'm allowed to position myself. I'm not allowed to use the bathroom by myself either, they want to jump right in my lap. So, how spoiled are my kitties? That's not even a question. They invented spoiled.
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Lets just say........yes!

I will buy them food and toys before I'll buy my own food!!!
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Mine aren't spoiled, just VERY well loved!

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Ares and Hypnos - spoiled? Yes they are. They have furniture and toys galore, they eat top quality food, and get loads of play and attention. They are definitely numero uno in our household
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oh my cats are pretty spoiled! i'm always out looking for cat toys..or treats or I go to that aisle first before looking for food for me and the
I buy them stuff..but my little girl likes 2 basic things.....a good game of string (me dangling either yarn or string or a shoelace)..and a good game of chase the light...
my little boy amuses himself most of the time..with the toy mouse or jingle ball...
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Lucy Belle is not a spoilt brat even though she does get plenty of toys and affection. I do admonish her and set house rules for her to follow. She has however, master that wide eyed look whenever she breaks the rule. It's so cute that I forget why I was angry at her in the first place.

She just got a massive 78" cat tree and her daddy also bought her an activity cube. Being an only kitty, she definitely is the center of attention in my household. Even my catless friends, whenever they pop in for a visit, can't help showering her with lots of kisses and petting. She absolutely enjoys them and has almost become the reason why my friends come for a visit.
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My girls are well looked after and well loved, but I don't think they're spoiled.
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My cats are good at getting what they want. They know just what to do to get attention or to get food.
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Spoiled isn't the word:

Maggie demands a night time routine before she can lay down for the night. If I don't do it just right we start all over it again. This usually happens after I fall asleep. Granted she is walking on my chest to my face to give me kisses to wake me up. But instead of rolling over and going back to sleep, I do the routine (sometimes i fall back asleep during) but I do eventually get it right.

Lexi - I have seen her throw a little tantrum. I actually witnessed her taking her paw and just knocking something off the table if she doesn't get her way. I couldn't believe it.
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