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Spread the word

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Finally, spay and neuter on YouTube
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Wish they would do a similar thing for the dogs too - with dogs in the cat's places
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Very well done video. I wish it would play on TV too. It's cute, and a very effective way to get the message out! Thanks for posting it.
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That was super!!
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That was great. Now if people will heed it.
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I loved it
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Forward this video link to everyone you know and ask them to pass it on.

Thanks Mary Anne.
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That's awesome! I'm going to embed it on my website! Maybe my myspace page too!
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This is from American Humane Association. They should run it as TV commercials... It is cute, and would be very effective
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Your totally right about that! So cute and so effective!
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that's so cute!
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That's fabulous! Very well done, and I hope it gets lots of hits.
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Glad you posted this, MA, it's such a great little video!
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Excellent video....I have passed the link on to many people...thanks!
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
Glad you posted this, MA, it's such a great little video!
& i agree, it should run on TV - it's just the right length, too!
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What a fab video - I think it's awesome
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That was great! Now if I can figure out how to put it on my myspace Ill be a happy girl!
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Im going to add one to watch too...
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Here is another spay/neuter video that was created for the San Fran Humane Society, but whose rights were purchased by PETA. A fairly effective commercial, and I think it won some ad awards too IIRC. Hopefully, it's considered appropriate.
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