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I rented it

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Well, since you guys were talking about the movie A Clockwork Orange I got interested. I also remember my DH talking about it a long time ago. So, I rented it and it's so weird. Very erm.... sexual. I ended up getting bored with it though so I stopped it. I'll probably finish it tonight.
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Never did figure out the point of the movie - if you can explain it to me after watching, let me know Tried to watch it a few times and its confusing and boring IMO.
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That is one film I will never watch again..it's too creepy for my liking..
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Sounds weird! We rent a lot of movies, but not this one...

Here's Roger Ebert's take on it when it came out:

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I have never actually seen it but heard about it..is it weird and sexual along the same lines as Rocky Horror? I do love Rocky Horror
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Never heard of this one!
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