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We're getting close!

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My pregnant foster kitty seems to be getting very close. She's been very restless the past few days and the discharge started yesterday. I've been expecting it to be within this next week but the way she's acting I think it may be very soon! I'll keep everyone updated!
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How exciting!! I can't wait to hear how things are progressing!! Sounds like it could be any day now!! GOOD LUCK!!
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Ahhh, how nice. I have had 9 female cats but never experienced the joys of having a litter.
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After a restless night for the both of us, still nothing! I'm used to it though, I had three pregnant girls last spring.. the first two progressed quickly but the third took exactly one week after she started really acting like she was going to have them.
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Sending healthy kitty vibes!
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Wow ! Congratulations !
I onced helped a "rescued stray cat " to give birth and it was amazing.. except from the part they deal with the placenta... yucks... but is a beautiful experience !! post pics of the newborns !!
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Come on kitties, come on!!
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Still nothing. I've been waking up frequently in the middle of the night to check on her but she's just not ready yet. I'm feeling them move a LOT more now though!
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I know the longer they stay in there, the better but its so exciting waiting to see them!! Good luck!!
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I thought we were getting close two weeks ago, but apparently this girl is in no hurry to give birth! She has her milk now, and the kittens have been extremely active. She's enormous now! I really hope she has them soon, the waiting is driving me crazy!
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Well, the girl likes a little drama! Hopefully she "pops" soon, she's got to be getting uncomfortable!
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I noticed her breathing getting heavier not long after I posted earlier, and she started getting really restless. I checked her "down there" and there's a LOT of discharge. We're getting very close, I'm thinking it's going to be either tonight or tomorrow! I'll keep everyone updated.
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Good luck!
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THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!! Kitten number one is out, a little red baby!!
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Kitten #2, another red one!
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It's about time!!!

for a smooth delivery!
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Kitten 3 is here! Another red (or possibly cream)!
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healthy kittens and smooth delivery vibes for you both!!
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healthy babies
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We're up to four right now, and momma is taking a short break.

So far I think we have:

-1 light red male
-1 red and white male
-1 cream female
-and one male who is kind of an oddball, he looks like a sandy brown color, maybe a darker cream? I don't know for sure

I've been taking pictures and videos and will have all of that up after she's completely done. I know for sure that there is at least one more kitten in her, possibly more than that.
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I think we're done at five kittens.

1. Male, red with a white face
2. Male, red with white feet and face
3. Female, cream
4. Male, cream
5. Male, solid red

Momma did very well, the kittens are all beautiful and appear to be very healthy!

The pictures aren't great at all, but these are the best I could get for now:

Kitten 1:

Kitten 2:

Kitten 3:

Kitten 4:

Kitten 5:

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Oh congratulations! Ive been waiting so long for her to pop!! Seems like she was pregnant for a year or two!! Good job Meowmy & Mama Cat!! You both did wonderfully!
And they are so cute too! Im a sucker for an orange kitty though!!
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Congratulations! Awwwww! So glad that everybody appears to be happy and healthy. Keep us updated with lots of pictures

And give mama cat a kiss for me; she worked hard!
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I feel so silly, I made a bit of a mistake last night when examining the kittens. It turns out that we have TWO girls, instead of one. Kitten number two is a little girl, not a little boy! I was right about the rest of them last night though.

I'll have new pictures soon and we're working on names right now too!
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I'm amazed you can tell at all with them being newborns!! They are adorable!!
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cute kittys good luck
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Keep us posted on how the mommy and her babies are doing. I love kitty stories and I can't wait to get another pregnant foster cat .

Many vibes so that the kittens and the mother stay healthy and find a lovely home (if you are giving them away, wich I assumed because she is a foster cat).
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Thank you for fostering Mama kitty.
Mama and babies are all simply beautiful.
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they are all so cute! Congratulations.
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