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Banfield Pet Clnic

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I'm taking my cat to the vet today to see why he started drooling last night (first time he ever did this-no other symptoms at all). Since it is Sunday, his regular vet is not open.

Does anyone have experience with Banfield (at Petsmart locations)? Would I better off going to the emergency clinic instead?
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Just like in any case, some vets are better than others and some Banfields are better than others. Some members think they are fantastic and some have had problems. I have never had personal experience with them.

Is the Banfield near you equipped to handle emergencies?

Good luck to you and your cat. Let us know how you make out.
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I used a Banfield years ago that I was not happy with. Then another 2 years ago that I couldn't stand the doctor. But recenlty I found another one in my area and I love the doctor there. She's awesome with the cats and with me. I liked her so much, I've put both my cats on a wellness plan there. So it just depends on the actual vets, I think. I think the reason I keep trying them again is because it is so convenient with the extended hours, walk ins are taken and they have state of the art facilities. It just took me a while to find one that had a doctor I liked.
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My friend used to work for them. I dont use them because I know alot of bad things that have happened at some of them. It is true some are better then others.
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I use Banfield. My husband used to be a pet nurse there, and I met all of the vets and the staff, and they really cared about the animals. I too have the wellness plan for my two cats! But I have heard that some places are much better than others. With the wellness plan I have saved almost $600 on preventative care alone!

Oops, I did a search and pulled this up, I didn't realize this was from Jan 2008...sorry!
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