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? About Food for cat with crf

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I have a 20 year old cat that has crf, hypertension, arthritis, and hyperthyroidism. Ever since he got a uti and was put on zenequin he will not eat purina nf, eukanuba multistage renal, kd, gd, or royal canin lp 21. Does anyone know of another type of canned renal food? The vet said that a canned renal would be best followed by a senior food. What he currently wants to eat is authority adult traditional loaf. Since he has crf he needs a low phosphorus/low protein food. Does anyone know how much phosphorus and protein are in this product?
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There is lots of advice for CRF kitties in this thread including food choices
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I could not find that particular food in the CANNED CRF FOOD list. Unfortunately, all of the Authority foods that were listed have very high phosphorus content. I would take a look at the above link and see if there is any food that he would eat that is under 0.7% phosphorus DMA. Most vets now agree that low phosphorus is far more important than low protein, as high serum phosphorus can hasten the disease. Too low of a protein intake can contribute to the muscle wasting often seen in CRF.

If you cannot find a low phosphorus food that he will eat, you can always add dried Aluminum Hydroxide gel powder, phosphorus binder to his food. This will help lower the serum phosphorus level by binding to the phosphorus in the gut and eliminating it in the stool. I purchase mine from Thrivingpets.com

Here is a link about phosphorus binders:

Here is a link to dosing Aluminum Hydroxide phosphorus binder.

Good luck to you and your kitty! Twenty years old is a great accomplishment! You're obviously taking excellent care of him!
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