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What's On Your Sunday Agenda!

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Morning All!

Another sunny day here two in a row imagine that.

Heading off to work shortly, just a couple purchase orders to place and filing to finish up so it should go quickly.

After that I am going to watch my niece her church choir is giving a performance. The Orange Lodge is doing a fund raiser for a family that lost their home to fire on Christmas Day and they are one of the groups performing. She gets to do a partial solo on Amazing Grace and she is really nervous.

The kitties are good, had breakfast and now are down for their morning nap.

Everyone have a good one
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Church at 10am - not sure what we will be doing this afternoon
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Oh, the same junk that I was supposed to finish yesterday! (See previous post for Saturday for enlightenment, and sheer boredom....)

We tried to get that armoire at Mom's last night (Mom has already moved out of her house.) DH and I tried to do the code on the realtor's lock box; apparently, earlier in the day, my brother accidentally hit the reset button, so now the realtor needs to set a new code, I suppose. And, I only have the key to the deadlock (they are keyed separately--Mom had to replace the doorknob shortly after I moved out, and was too cheap to buy an entirely new set!). I can only have DH to pick it up this weekend--he's away the next 2, and settlement is on the 31st! Mom lives with my other brother, but he's about 10 miles from me, and in a wheelchair, and it's awkward to drive. (Mom no longer drives.) As G is the only brother who still speaks to me, I don't want to ask the one who messed up the lock box (and, he may not have both keys, either.) Frustrating! Maybe, since the realtor lives near G, he can meet us at Mom's, and re-set the code.

On top of everthing, I woke up at 3 AM. I finally got up at 5 Am, did some housework, and went back to bed. I was just dreaming about finding the Zodiac killer (seriously!), when DH, who didn't know about my insomnia, shook me, and sais, "Good morning!" Oh, joy. At least it's another sunny, good-for-paint-drying day outside!
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Living just outside of Dallas, you get one and only one guess at what I am doing today.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Living just outside of Dallas, you get one and only one guess at what I am doing today.
Shoveling snow????
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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
Shoveling snow????
No, shoveling Giants.
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i've got to do the usual sunday routine LOL! go round my boyfriend's mum's with him
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This morning I'll be learning to write in Cambodian. It's fun, the letters are so pretty.

This afternoon I'm going to my little brother's house because we're having a birthday dinner for my nephew. (he's turning 4! He's growing up so fast, I can barely pick him up anymore ) I don't have a gift for him because my brother only told me about it yesterday (I thought we would have the dinner next week). I really don't want to go shopping either. Maybe I can find something here (4 year old boys like cans of beans, right? )
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Hmmm, relaxing Right now I'm vegging and watching movies on Movie6, in a little bit I'm going to go hang out with my newest foster and give her a little lovin.

Maybe walk the dogs later and clean the house.

Happy Sunday everyone
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Heading out to the store to pick up a few more supplies (more meat other than ground chicken )

Then pick up more wet food for the cats.

Later, I'm planning on taking the Christmas tree down IF the boy doesn't come up with something else for me to do (last week the plastic window stuff became more important )
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Well our Sunday is nearly over.... we spent it by going out for brunch around about noonish and then pretty much nothing else. I have spent some time figuring out a study plan and making the weight charts for the new vets/cat owners handbook at work. I've got a bunch of ironing sitting staring at me, and some laundry to hang up in the basement, but I'm guessing that could wait a couple of minutes
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Morning morning!

I am enjoying a coffee right now...but will be heading to the gym in a bit. Might try the fitness bootcamp class.

After that, gotta get $15 worth of groceries Then its come home and do some vacuuming and put away laundry. I also need to do the dishes today
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Good Morning !

We are not doing much. I'm sitting here on the pc, just working on my new job (doing websites) I love it!! (just hope the money keeps coming in at a steady rate)... my business partner and I are on a contract basis with our client right now. Speaking of that I need to call my "boss" today. Other than that we are not up too much.

Have a great day everyone!
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I'm just waiting for the Chargers/Colts game to come on and relaxing.
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oh dang. I was going to make some baked tofu for lunch, but I didn't realize it was already 11:30. The tofu is marinating right now (needs to marinate at least 30 minutes) and then I need to bake it for 30-40 minutes. I'm going for dinner at my brother's so I don't want to have lunch too late either... we always eat too much at my brother's.

So I guess I'll bake it tomorrow night. Do you think over-marinating can be a problem?
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Football and cleaning.
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Well Neil has a really sore throat,hoarse voice etc so I guess I'll have to pamper him today.
He is snowblowing right know.

Boy were the weather people incorrect on their forecast yesterday of "flurries" as many people observed by watching the game yesterday. Well the Giants will have cold weather to play in next week when they come here!!

Not much going on today.

Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I got up early to run, took a shower and make some breakfast. Will clean my room and then go to a few stores with my mom. I need to finish cutting plants down once I get back and put them up front to be picked up. After that, hopefully, I will have some time to relax.
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Sitting here waiting on my horse to get here right now, they should be here within the next two hours!! I'm also trying to fight off this stupid cold that John's brother so nicely shared with everyone in the house.
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Dh cooked breakfast , He just took the oldest snowmobiling, I am going to lazy around today, not much sleep last night, my neighbours left their dog outside last night . It didn't stop barking until 3 am when they got home. I am grumpy
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nothing, that's what we always do on our day off together. I even made sure the housework was done yesterday so we could go somewhere today.
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It's my birthday and I was going to:
get breakfast in bed
go to my salsa class
go out to lunch with hubby & son
go see Enchanted
go out to eat with hubby

I woke up with a cold/flu. So, breakfast is not the only meal I am getting in bed today.
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Myself and the wife drove into town and had a three hour session in the Spa Baths. It was a little surprise gift from my parents when we got married 14 months ago. Better late than never. It was great! It had six different steam cubicles that were all giving off different aromas. We got back totally relaxed. And then this afternoon I just messed about with the camera taking some close up shots. This is of the element inside a small halogen bulb, its not that interesting, but in the summer I will be after a few bugs & creepy crawlies.

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Cool pic!

I went to the gym, got groceries and just finished the dishes so far
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We finally packed the Christmas decorations in the living room. I already took the ornaments off the tree last week. We also cleaned the front windows since it's very cloudy out because snow is on it's way. Since we had the sofa moved, I was able to clean the big mirror too. The biggest job was stuffing the closet under the stairs with the christmas stuff. It's like a puzzle trying to get everything to fit in that odd shaped space. It only took us 3 hours though. LoL
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Sunday's agenda? hmmmm Most of it has been on my hands and knees with my little green machine cleaning up cat puke. Maxx and Peaches were getting Royal Canin Persian and Nutro mixed together and the vet suggested trying to feel just the Royal canin (because Maxx was scooting and making little deposits). Now he's puking it up! Back to the drawing board. And thank God for "The Little Green Machine!"
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