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Zeke VA5449 - Siamese Available for Adoption

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Zeke is my foster cat and I'm hoping to give him more visibility here. Zeke is a purebred Seal Point Siamese, approximately 7-8 years old and will need to be an only cat. If you know anyone looking for a single cat that can live with dogs and kids 10 years and older, please let me know. He doesn't like to travel so I'm keeping him within 2 hours of central MA, which includes southern VT & NH, and northern CT & RI. He would do well in a household with activity. If I run around the house or upstairs he's right at my heels. He heels better than my dogs!

I'm putting some pics of him here, to see more pics go to

Type in VA5449 in the box above Search for a Cat by ID or Name and click the View button, then click the link under his picture.

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He IS handsome - hope you find a good forever home with the right people
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Oh fuzzmom, I took a look at your rescue site and was just enchanted! I wish I could adopt them all. So many beautiful cats needing homes. It breaks my heart.
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He is beautiful~~ Best of luck in finding that baby a home!
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He is adorable I hope you find him a wonderful forever home
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Sending good luck wishes to handome Zeke to find his forever home!!
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Oh, Zeke is beautiful! My feral Siamese flame point Vinnie (Vincent Van Gogh) JUST got adopted down here in VA thru Siamese Rescue. They are SUCH a great group.

Please all, consider adopting from them if you want a Meezer!!

Some cats are pure with papers (dumping a pure breed you
paid good money for, what were you thinking? worse BREEDING
one as BYB ). Many of the cats are BYB but they STILL have that
great Siamese Look and PURRRsonality!

So all, a round of applause for Siamese Rescue please!

May Zeke the wonder boy find his forever home soonest!
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Oh my! He is so handsome. I'm sure it will be easy to find him a great home.
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He's lovely! I hope he soon finds the special home he deserves, sounds as if he's a typical Siamese and needs a home where he can help with everything that goes on and have his human family worship him, and of course he deserves nothing less
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Wow, he is beautiful Sending many vibes for a good furever home

Who wouldn't want him????!!
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I figured I would have a ton of interest in him, but only a few people so far. Two were too far away and one had a cat. I'm not sure if it's his age, some people think 7 years is old when in reality it's barely mid life. He is such an easy cat, even for people who don't have Meezer or even cat experience. No litterbox issues.

I also think it's harder to find a home for one that needs to be an only cat. Many people already have at least one and are looking for a companion for their other cat. I hope he finds a great home soon because he doesn't like be cooped up in a single room. So keep sending those vibes his way!!

opilot - You're right! SCRC is a great organization to volunteer for. They are in need of foster homes, especially in the New England area. Heck, anywhere along the eastern coast (from Maine to Florida)! So if anyone is interested in being a volunteer, and there are many areas needed, not just foster homes, please check out their website - link is in my signature! Thanks!
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Well, sadly I would not qualify for a foster home (my kitties go in door/out door being former ferals and all that - though I must add, I have a lavender mac tabby who is simply georgeous and a Grey smoke Maine Coon mix that is simply breathtaking - especially his tail, LOL!!).

But when I find feral Siamese I always offer to take them from
the feral colony keepers, tame and try to get Siamese Rescue
to help me place em.

But I have to say, my flame point was a really unique little boy.
The sweetest cat ever, and I suspect that's just his genes...
orange boys rule, LOL!!
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Sending {{{{adoption prayers and vibes}}}} out to Zeke A Siamese could be such an excellent companion for someone who is recovering from say, an auto accident, because they are so stimulating & instinctively companionable. My sister's Meezer lived to be 21yrs., so age 7 is just youngster Bless you for fostering Zeke
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