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Astro is drooling

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I noticed my four year old cat is drooling from the mouth tonight. He is mostly an indoor cat and this is the first time he started to drool.

Other than the drooling, he is behaving normally and is still eating. Should I be worried?
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I would definitely take him to the vet to be on the safe side.

How do his gums look? Is he eating and breathing normally? There could be something going on in his mouth, like gingivitis or something more serious.

Oh, and welcome to this forum!
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Thanks for the reply!

I couldn't really see anything unusual with his mouth, though he is not (as usual) being very cooperative for any inspection He is breathing and eating normally. I agree about taking him to the vet, though I'm conflicted whether I should wait until tomorrow or do you think this is an emergency and he should go to the vet tonight?
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Could he have injested cleaning supplies or anything?

If other behavior is normal, I think it could wait until the morning. I would personally check on him a couple times during the night just to make sure he is still doing okay.

A couple sites on causes of drooling:

The second vet says immediate attention is needed if there is loss of appetite, vomiting, or difficulty breathing as well.
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I guess it's possible that he got into something but I'm not sure.

Since he sems OK other than the drool, I'll take him to the vet tomorrow and hopefully its not anything to worry about.
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Take him to the Vet. Stormy did that and her Kidneys were gone and the Vet could not save her. i hope your cat has something taht is easy to treat.
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That's pretty alarming! Sorry for your loss. Did your cat have other symptoms like not eating, lethargic etc?
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Drooling huh? I dont know if Id wait for that one.... Too many horror stories and mine are included! Is there anything in your house kitty could have gotten into? Plants? Cleaners?

How many hours as this been going on? Did kitty over eat and maybe make herself nausious?? Is kitty on any medications??

My luck with this is when Kitten got distemper... She made it 24 hours.

I hope there is something easily wrong like maybe kitty overate!
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She would barf but I thought it was my old Cat because she does when her Asthma is bad. She would drool once in a while. there were no other symptoms except in Apri she shed. The Vet told me her Kidneys were not working t all and she did not get in anything. She did say that they might have been bad for a long time. How old is your Cat? Mine was only 5. My Sisters Cat did that a year ago and he is ok. I think what he had starts with a B and it was from Ticks and Fleas because he got outside. I hope your cat will be ok.
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Good news! (I think) I just got back from the vet and Astro's blood work came back normal - meaning kidney disease is unlikely at this point. The Dr. thinks that Astro just must have eaten something that got him sick and the Dr. gave me a prescription of feline Pepcid. Hopefully this will stop his drooling soon.

The really sad thing was that there was a guy who brought in a dog, and I overheard the vet tell him that there was nothing they could do, and I heard him cry through the wall for about half an hour. (I easily could have been in the same boat).

Just wanted to give an update. Thanks for all of your concern/posts.
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I am glad your Cat is ok. Mine was Pts on Friday so I know how that guy felt. We got to stay with Yoshi as long as we wanted before he got the shot. I didnt go in when they he got the shot. They also told me they were haveing a bad day because a guy had to have his 14 year old Dog pts too.
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