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OMG - I just saw this post. What a relief!!!!!!
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Me too, Helen. Laurie, I'm so grateful he's safe! It's terrible when they frighten us like that.
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Welcome Home
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Glad to hear he's home. Did you ever wonder if disappearing is a cat's ploy for extra scratches?
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I'm sorry I missed this before!!!! I am so glad that Tuxedo made it home all safe and sound!!! That is great!!!!
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We had Magic boarded at a wonderful facility just for cats, and as it's slow season for boarding right now, the owner spent lots of time with him, so he was totally ready to move into his new home when he got adopted.

We spoke with her, and made arrangements to take the other three kittens in. Gary and I are working on a deadline for a project right now, so it might have to wait until Saturday before we round the three of them up. I'm sorry we didn't do this before the worst of the weather, but if we do this, at least we won't have to worry about the rest of the Winter.

Gary wants to bring Tuxedo inside, but with three kitties already in this small space, it'll have to wait until we purchase a new RV (which it looks like we might do ).

Then we just need to find Juli and Thanksgiving homes. They're both so friendly, I expect that with Susan's help (the lady who owns the boarding facility), we'll be able to do that pretty soon. She gets calls from people who want to adopt cats (thinking she's a shelter), so we can help her out on that front!

...and Sammie5, I keep wondering what would have happened if we hadn't unburied him. There was about 31 inches of snow on top of him. Would he have dug himself out before he ran out of air? I've been giving extra thanks to God for Gary (for whom I give thanks to God every day). I am a lucky woman, and these are lucky cats!
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Yay!!! Isn't this board magic awesome????? I'm so glad Tuxedo made it home safe and sound.

Good luck with your project and placing of all the kitties. My....what a busy woman you are!
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Laurie, That's just too painful to think of. I had no idea Tuxedo was covered that deeply. Yes, thank God for Gary!
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