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Tuxedo Needs Your Prayers

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We haven't seen Tuxedo since Sunday when the storm began. Julius and Thanksgiving were in their little condos. Tuxedo wasn't there.

It was soooooo cold, too. Gary and I are both worried, but he had a special bond with Tuxedo, and he is going nuts.

If any of you have any ideas about what else we can do, please let me know!!!! I started a thread in the Behavior Forum: Help! Cats and Snow


The worst of it all is that Gary wanted to take him to boarding before the storm started, but he couldn't get him in the crate without lots of trauma, so he didn't force it. Now he is totally beating himself up over this.
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Tuxedo c'mer..... I have a treat for you!

Keeping my fingers crossed!
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Tuxedo has my prayers, Laurie. I know how difficult it is to wait and not know. I will keep you guys in my thoughts.

Most of the time when cats run off they are out there doing their own thing, and they turn up with that look that says "What?" Let's hope that's the case.

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Come home Tuxedo! Your family is worrying about you!!!
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Blue - you're so right. We've been through this before, and (knock wood), it's always come out OK... so far (again, knock wood!)

But we can't help worrying! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!
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i know, it's near impossible not to worry. try to think positively, i will, too.
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aww my thoughts are on their way and lots of prayers too!

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Come Home Tuxedo!!!

Sending lots of Be Safe and Come Home thoughts your way Laurie!!!
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I'll pray for him...

I hope he's found safe and sound really soon.

Laurie, you are such an angel for helping all these kitties out.
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poor kitty. and poor gary. here's hoping tuxedo is okay and will be home soon!
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Oh...I hope Tuxedo makes it back. Sending prayers your way.
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Hissy responded to my thread in the Behavior Forum - she's got experience with ferals and snow from when she lived in Alaska. Her kitties would hunker down and always make it home - that's so encouraging!!!!!

Thanks for all the Tuxedo come home thoughts and prayers! C'mon Tuxedo, c'mon....
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C'mon Tuxedo, come home so we all know you're safe.
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Positive thoughts are on the way!
Tuxedo, you have Laurie and Gary so worried. Where are you?
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Tuxedo, huh? Have you tried going outside and singing "Luck be a lady"? Ok, the last thing you need is my lounge lizard puns... Tuxedo... you are getting hungry...veeerrryyy hhhuuuunnngggrrryyy.... go back to the nice humans that feed you...

My son and I are crossing our fingers for you.
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He has probably found a warm, cozy hidey hole, and is waiting it out there. I know you can't help but worry, but cats can survive in Antarctica, so he's most likely fine.
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Hurry home Tuxedo! Your family misses you!
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still sending prayers, Laurie
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: Come home Tuxedo! :
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fingers and toes crossed and prayers and go home quick vibes winging there way from Toronto.
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Thank you all so, so much for your thoughts for Tuxedo and support for me!!!!!

We don't know when he trundled down, because he didn't show up last night (at least before we called it a night, but he was back this morning.

There was one little set of footprints coming down from the burrow Gary dug out yesterday afternoon, so we're guessing that's where he was. Maybe he was just scared by all the noise of being shoveled out, and it took a little while for him to get up the nerve to poke his head out.

But he's here, he's just fine, and he got LOTS of scritches from us and all of you!!!!

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I hope you gave him a stern lecture about scaring mommy and daddy like that! Give him a kitty kiss and hug from cyber auntie Ady!

Gary must be thrilled!
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that is great news! more proof of the board magic! kiss him for me!
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HOORAY!!!! I'm so happy he came home!!!
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Woohoo! Happy kitty dance time!!!!
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Laurie that's such good news. The real magic was that you know your babies so well that you guessed exactly where he was, and helped him get out. Imagine if he'd been holed up in there for a few days!
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That's such great news!!! Yay!!!!! :tounge2:
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