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how to annoy me

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a friend has his wife call me, to ask if i was coming over

Really if you want to talk to me, you call me, dont have your wife, girlfriend,who ever call me. I find that very rude.

So i told her no, waited hour called him, told him hey man your wife is hitting on me, calling me up asking me to come over etc, just wanted you to know that.

lol he got all confused , then he said no no, i asked her to call and check.
told him, if you want to call me, you call me. Dont have her do it.
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Hmm.....maybe he should have had her call Itta to see if you were coming over. Or had her check with Heyu.
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Oh I like that one - but I agree with you 100% - if you want someone to come over, you call them - not have another person call you up and invite, unless they just happen to be coming to your house anyway for something else.

But I love the "approach".
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I'm right there with you, Bruce, and personally I think it applies to business calls too. I REALLY hate it when men (I've never had a female client do this) have their secretaries call and actually SAY it's their male boss when I ask who is calling. Seriously, you're too freakin' lazy to dial the stupid phone? You really think you're too important to waste the whole 10 seconds it takes for me to transfer to them and them to pick up? Get over yourself!

Can you tell it's a Pet Peeve of mine?
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lol i have hung up on more then a few people at work who have had there secretaries call me. I dont have time for that at work.
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Ya! I do a lot of phone orders for books for professors, and sometimes they have someone else call me who has NO clue what they actually want. If they don't have the title right, then whoever it is has to either guess or wait three days (apparently) to call back. And if its wrong, it is a disaster because it's getting paid for by an internal purchase order that has to be preapproved for the right price.


So, Bruce, can I have my boyfriend call you and ask if Itta can come over?
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That is weird Bruce..I'll be sure to have Trout call you when I am coming over
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom View Post
So, Bruce, can I have my boyfriend call you and ask if Itta can come over?
No , you can call itta and see if she wants to come over
sometimes i think i must be like the only who gets annoyed at there phone ringing.
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