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Watery eye and cloudy eye in a cat... possibly normal?

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I have another thread in the SOS forum in regards to a kitty I'm thinking about adopting from the local PetSmart. To give a quick summary, poor Chevy has been in the shelter his entire life (he's almost 3 years old) and has never been adopted due to him being a big, black cat with a strange eye problem.

His left eye is slightly cloudy and looks like it has some sort of weird streaks in it that are light in color (in the black part of his eye into the colored parts) and he's also tearing up in that eye so his cheek was wet.

I immediately thought cataracts as they are in humans or that he was going blind. I asked about it and the adoption agency worker said that was "normal" and he could "just possibly be going blind". Apparently Chevy has a clean bill of health and his eye had been looked into and the vets declared it to be nothing and it doesn't need medication nor surgery.

I called again today to ask someone else who worked there and the receptionist at the adoption agency said she knew what I was talking about with this particular cat, but said he'd been looked at and it could possibly be "allergies causing him to cry". I don't think allergies would cause his eye to look like it's going blind though!

I called my current vet and the receptionist said that she didn't think the adoption agency would outright lie to me about the health of the kitty in question.

My question is: Is watery eye + cloudiness "normal"? I don't think his eye tearing up is normal and it obviously can't be comfortable if his eye's crying like that. I want to save him from his crappy life in a box and bring him into my kitty family, but at the same time I don't want to end up with more medical bills than I can chew (I'm a college student, so I can't afford hundreds and hundreds of surgery bills sadly) and a kitty I'd have to return to the adoption agency when I really want to give him a loving forever home.

Please give me some suggestions or words of encouragement guys! I really want to save the sweetie from his lonely cage life, but I don't know if I'm getting jerked around by the adoption agency or what.
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I understand your vet bill concern and admire your desire to give this needy kitty a forever loving home.

I wonder if the rescue organization would let you take the cat to have his eye checked by your vet or at the very least could you have your vet call you so you can ask him/her about the eye?
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I'm no expert but Cindy recently suffered from a slightly cloudy eye and it was weeping profusely. Turned out she had conjunctivitis. Apparently all cats carry the virus but it doesn't always flare up in all cats
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One of my cats had a scratch on her eye, it clouded up for a long time, but when the scratch was healed the eye cleared and you can't tell that anything was ever wrong with it.
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