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Does anyone volunteer/work at a shelter?

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I was wondering how the heck to get involved with one. I've contacted the Dumb Friends' League(a local shelter) several times(I've never actually gotten through on the phone or spoken to anyone when I call), applied for several jobs there, called and left my information for volunteer work(on a recording), and yet, nothing! A spokeswoman was on the radio a few weeks ago talking about how they desperately needed more volunteers to work with cats, but.. no reply!

On their website, they have listed TONS of available jobs that have not been filled(at least, to my knowledge), have banners all over the site about fostering and volunteering, and yet I've heard absolutely NOTHING.

I really want to help out. It breaks my heart that so many of those animals are going to be put to sleep without having very much loving while they're stuck there, and yet.. I feel helpless.

How can I get involved? Sigh. This is frustrating.
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Whats up with that? I would think they would be beating down your door, or blowin your phone up! That just doesn't make any sense at all!!! who is the one in charge? I would get her name, and make an appointment with her/him!
and front them out about it, just ask is it false advertistmemt, or ask them
at your appointment, "did you get all my info, for volunteering?" see how they react, I know the shelter around here, they can't keep someone in the top position, always changing hands and so your info could have been misplaced, or if it were here, that would be what happened to it, it was total chaos the last time I was up there! It was aweful! Good luck oh and the shelters name
is Dumb Friends? what kind of name is that?
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"Dumb Friends League" is a name, meaning that they're friends without a voice, thus with the "dumb".

I'm so frustrated! Not only do I have a working knowledge of cat behavior, health signs, and have owned and loved them all my life, but I'm a good worker and I'm being persistant. I just think it's so weird!
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Is there any other shelters around?

I would say if they are not calling back after a few weeks (and when run by volunteers they can be slow to reply to non adoption cases) I would look somewhere else. But it could be the Christmas rush etc, which only this week slowed down for us.

Is it a shelter or network of fosters?
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I think it's a shelter.. They keep most of the animals on-site, but ones with health issues and ones who are too young to go to homes are kept in foster homes until they're old enough or better.

Do you think going in and making an appearance in person there would work? I've gone in to ask about my application status and filled out another one, but.. still didn't talk to anyone other than the receptionish.
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I just looked at their site online, they seem to be a big place, so I would just pop by and ask to speak to the volunteer director
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I would just go in there! I can't go in to my shelter without them just grabbing me and saying "hey! Can you take the big dogs in for us" Or something around those lines!! They're always in need of volunteers!
I hope you figure it out!
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I just went to a mobile adoption they were doing. I said Im looking to volunteer. We can foster, clean cages, feed water, socialze whatever you need help with. I filled out their volunteer and foster applications they did a home check and boom. I had my first fosters in a couple weeks. They had me working the same day I came in. Tearing down cages and putting cats in carriers.
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I work at a shelter run by the county and we aren't allowed to use volunteers because of the threat of rabies. Anyone who works with the animals must have their rabies shot. It's a series of 3 shots that cost about $3000. But that is only because we take in all kinds of animals including oppossums and raccoons. Most of the rescue groups around here really need volunteers foster homes. Have you thought about doing that?
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I emailed a bunch of shelters and heard back form 2, one phoned me and the other emailed me, I ended up volunteering with the non kill shelter rather than the SPCA which I am very glad now because I dont think I could have coped with working there.

My shelter always follows up every volunteer that phones in, they are all asked to come in to look around, the day I went to look around was the day I started and I have been there ever since (about 4 months)

Sorry you arre having bad luck with them, maybe you could try going in on there open hours?
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I know at our shelter because we are all volunteers sometimes things get missed, but because of that we now just have people arrange when they will be in for the first time. I went in on a Thursday and they said they would be happy to have me that very saturday. So that's what we try to do now. If your experience is true for everyone who comes in the door, I suspect that's why they don't have a lot of volunteers. Your choice now is do you want to work with that orginization or another one?

By the way as someone said earlier I would let them know how hard of a time you had getting a hold of them. You could also volunteer to help contact people intrested in volunteering.
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