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I'm getting a new kitten soon! But question!

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My boyfriend and I have decided we're going to get a new kitten soon! I'm so excited.

We're going to be moving in together in the next 6-7 months, and we've decided to wait for that(so I guess it's not really "soon"), but nonetheless it should be fantastic!

I have a question, though.. How should I best go about getting one? Should I wait until after we move in to the new place, or get one sooner rather than later?

I was thinking we would start looking about 1-2 months before we were going to move, so that Toaster and Trina Belle can be acquainted with him/her first.. but I don't know.

What do you think?
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I would wait until after the Move. I have Moved with my Cats and it is stressful .
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I'm just worried it might be more stressful for the new kitty, as well as my current ones, to be moved to a new place, with tons of hostile cats around, you know? Hmm.

If Trina knows the cat and likes him(she's a born mama) she'll be fine and set up exploring around just like she did before.. and irregardless, I bet Toby is going to huddle in the bathtub for the first night, hissing at all inanimate objects. I almost feel bad for the new kitten!
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It might be better to wait. Then everyone will have a "new" territory to explore. I recommend you look at the shelters first to adopt. Please do NOT adopt a kitten younger then 10-12 weeks old. Most novice owners have a lot more problems with younger kittens - go for one about 4-5 months old that is well adjusted.

The last place to find a kitten is a pet shop (most are from puppy/kitten mills) and priced far more then if you adopt elsewhere. Besides shelters will have the kitten spayed/neutered when you adopt as part of the price - pet stores don't care what you do.

If you want a purebred, then do a lot of homework first - there are many backyard breeders which are about as bad as a pet shop kitten.
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My question wasn't about where I'd get the kitten from, as my first stop would have been the Dumb Friend's League, a shelter where I got Mr. Toby. I'm not a novice cat owner, and I've done my research.

The only way I'd ever consider getting a kitten younger than that is if I found someone trying to get rid of kitties at an impossible age on Craig's list, who refused to see reason. I'd likely take ALL of the kittens and find them homes when they were a decent age, as Trina mothers all younger cats she encounters and acts as a surrogate(she's done that twice now).

I was thinking the "new territory" thing might be a good idea too, but that it would be easier on Toby especially if he already knew the cat. Hmm.
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I'd wait - I've been in that situation before... It can be really stressful. I got Pepper at the SPCA when she was 8 weeks old. At your local SPCA they should be able to help you make a decision about timing.
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As others have already said, a lot of aggression towards new cats results when resident cats try to protect their territory. So waiting until after the move could have some benefits, since none of the cats will feel ownership of the new space.

In terms of the move itself being stressful, I know that a lot of people talk about their cats having a hard time with that sort of situation, but it doesn't need to be horrible. My boyfriend and I moved our two cats from Toronto to New York City, and despite the ten+ hour drive and the new location, they were both fine. They weren't thrilled with the situation, but we had no litter or eating problems, no hiding, and both seemed completely relaxed within 24 hours.

All of which is to say that a big move and a new kitten would probably be less stressful for your resident cats than leaving a shelter and meeting two potentially territorial adults cats could be for a kitten.

Good luck! Adopting new kitties is exciting!
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