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Need some help, neighbor dumped his pregnant kitty

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My husband was taking a walk today and saw our neighbor down the road dump his gorgeous Russian Blue cat at the dam today. He just drove off and the cat was left there crying so my husband brought the cat home and knocked on the neighbors door asking if he may have lost his cat because he found a cat that looked just like his (I guess he didn't want to be confrontational). "Mr. Jack" said that Bettie had recently passed away, and that it couldn't have been his cat. When I came home and my husband told me what happened I marched right over there and told "Mr. Jack" that he was seen leaving his cat at the dam. He just sneered at me and told me if I cared so much then I can take care of the beast and slammed the door in my face. I have to admit that I was speechless and a bit scared so I just walked home fuming. I told Hubby what happened, and we are at a bit of a loss what to do now.

I took a look at Bettie and told my husband we have a small problem... Bettie is knocked up, biggish tummy and huge nipples. So we are going to take her to the vet on Monday. But I am at such a loss why this jerk would abandon his cat, especially after complaining about how much money he spent on her at the last town meeting). Should we call the police or animal control on him... I don't really know how to go about doing this kinda thing. Maybe he will change his mind and want Bettie back? Then what do I do... somehow I feel it's wrong to give her back to someone who would abandon her so quickly. She is such a beautiful and well mannered cat, I just don't get why he would do this to her (and why the hell isn't Bettie fixed!).

I know she is a purebred, maybe the right thing to do would be to attempt to contact the breeder. I don't know who that might be, and I am not sure if "Mr. Jack" will be willing to give up that info now that I told him that we know he dumped the cat. If it came down to bringing her to a shelter I would rather keep her at home were I know she will have enough attention personally, however I don't feel it's right keeping such a cat. I would really rather try to find the breeder if I could. I don't think Mr. Jack deserves to get Bettie back.

We will definitely ask the vet about our options, I know she must know Bettie because she is the only vet in town. I just don't understand his reasoning for doing this? Thanks and sorry for venting, but seriously if any of you have any opinions on what our next move should be let us know. Until then she has a nice warm spot on our bed. Our other cats seem okay with the temporary situation, Miles could care less and both kittens are currently snuggling up with Bettie as I am typing (sigh). Once again thanks for any help.
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Thank God your husband saw and she's safe and sound at your house.

I would contact the ASPCA about reporting that a-hole (your neighbor) but also making sure he can't plead that he didn't abandon her and get her back. (He should NEVER get her back, even if he comes asking.)

Then I think you should keep her and glare at that a-hole every time you see him.

Bless you guys for saving her!!!!!
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I dont know what to say other than sometimes people can be complete jerks. And surely your vet (or a nearby one) will recognize this poor gal. Russion Blues are not exactly common, although who knows who "dad" is in this case.
Bless you for taking her cause.
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The vet may have info, or you could look up Russian Blue breeders in your area and call them. I'm sure they would be horrified at what Mr. Jack did!
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I certainly would make sure he doesn't get her back. If he would just dump her like that, who knows what else he would do.

You did a great thing by taking her in. Even though there are jerks in the world like "mr jack" Its good to know that there are people like you!!
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Originally Posted by Red Scathach View Post
I am at such a loss why this jerk would abandon his cat, especially after complaining about how much money he spent on her at the last town meeting).
Well, I'm not at a loss at all.

She's pregnant.

He's cheap.

He already demonstrated irresponsibility by letting his unspayed cat go outside, so abandoning Bettie at the dam sounds like it's completely in character.

I guess we should be thankful that he didn't drown her. Or that he didn't keep her and do who-knows-what to her and her kittens.

If there's a hell, I hope there is a special place within reserved for "people" like him. Though karma while alive would be much more appropriate.

I commend you and your husband for doing the humane thing.
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I would keep her! I also recomment calling animal control or the ASPCA to turn him in to make sure that later on in life he couldn't come and try to get her back! Purebred cats are wonderful, just like any other cat! And if you dont want to breed her you could have her fixed!

Why wouldn't you feel right about keeping a kitty like that? If you could find homes for the kittens it wouldn't be so bad! She'd love you forever for taking her in! On the other hand she could be bred, but I DOUBT seriously if he was willing to give up the papers!!

Good luck to you, and thank you for helping her! If she is cozy there I would call the animal control and ASPCA, just to get it reported and let her have her kittens where she is comfortable! Moves can be so hard on them!!

I aggree, there is a special place in hell for people like that and I hope they have to deal with the cats across the bridge pooping on them just for fun!
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Thanks all, we are going to report Bettie's owner to Animal Control because we do not want that jerk taking her back. Our vet gave us a call last night, I left a message about what happened, and is is Bettie's vet and has vaccination info and paperwork on her and has the contact information of the breeder as well. We live in a fairly small town and I am sure by next week everyone will know what a horrid person "Mr. Jack" is. Not that its gonna make living near him any better (sigh).

So we are going to contact the breeder (unfortunately they are pretty far away from here). We are going to offer to give Bettie a good home and find new homes for her kittens when they are old enough, we will see what happens after that. I don't know if breeders have rules on ownership of adopted cats... I know when I picked up my kittens from the cat shelter we had to sign paperwork if for whatever reason we cannot keep them they have to go back to the shelter and not given to someone else, I would assume the same might be true in Bettie's case so I will try not to get too attached.

I can tell already I am getting attached though, she has only been here one night and she is such a sweet cat, she sleep at our feet last night with the other 2 kittens. Bettie has the most gorgeous deep green eyes and plushy soft fur, the fur is so strange compared to my other cats. I have to admit I am curious to see what the kittens are going to look like, my mom and sister said that they would both take a kitten once they are old enough. Well that's it for now, no one is answering at Animal Control but we left a message, hopefully they get back to us soon (crosses fingers).
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Typical - get a pet, don't fix it, nature kicks in and then the jerk BLAMES the animal for getting pregnant!

Glad you are taking matters into your own hands and talking with the authorities. Abandonning a pet is a criminal offense.
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In the long term, what about breed rescues? I mean, if you are thinking about the kittens, they will be half Russian Blue; and surely there is somebody, somewhere dedicated to helping members of such a beautiful breed? It can't be as common as Siamese or Persian rescues, but maybe with a bit of travel, you could find some real allies to help you find homes for those kittens, if there are more than a couple and/or you can't take them yourself.
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I have to wonder why the breeder would sell an unspayed cat? Well, anyway, what a lucky cat that your husband rescued her!
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What a pair of angels you are for taking her into your home

She sounds gorgeous and we'd love to see her in fur pics when you get a minute.

As for the previous owner, well i won't waste my time on what i could say about him
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Well I was able to contact the breeder on Monday, we talked for quite a bit and she offered to take Bettie and take care of her and the kittens when they come. She was very surprised with what happened as she has known "Mr. Jack" for a very long time, but did admit he has been getting a bit touched in his older years. I have been having problems with our neighbor (the Police have already come to talk to him once already after bothering us demanding his cat back). Since the owner violated his contract the breeder said she could take the cat back, and though we were already beginning to get attached to her we thought it would be best if Bettie and her upcoming kittens were taken care of by someone who knows the drill.

So yesterday I spent 3 hours in a car each way to deliver Bettie to her new (old) home, I can say at the very least she was unpleased but she was a real trooper. The breeder was very nice, she had said she talked to my neighbor and told him that she was taking the cat back. She also called his son and told him about his erratic and unusually irate (cruel) behavior. Perhaps there is something going on there mentally that I don't know, maybe someone can get him some help as well.

The breeder was really sweet we had lunch and she showed me around her farm (She had horses and I simply love horses!). She showed me her new litter of kittens, they were so super cute! And then she offered to have me adopt one of them for free for all the trouble I went through and for bringing Bettie back. So I will be going back there in 4 weeks to pick up a new adorable baby girl and paperwork. I somehow couldn't say no when there were all these fuzzy grey bundles of fur playing with my shoelaces.

So thats it so far, hopefully things calm down a bit (not likely with another new kitten on the way). Now I am trying to find info on Russian Blue cats because I know nothing about them other then they are grey lol. I guess everything worked out, I hope Bettie will be happy and her kittens find good homes. I will have to post many pics of the new kitten when she arrives.
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Awww that's a lovely happy ending It's probably for the best that Bettie's went back to the breeder just incase she went back to her old home

We have a couple of members here who have experience with Russian Blues as well so if you need any help just let me know
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I'm glad this story had a happy ending. Bettie will be well taken care of, and you'll get a precious little fuzzball in return! I can't wait to see pictures!

I hope your neighbor's son listened to the breeder... personality and behavioral changes - especially in an older person - can often be the sign of a serious medical problem. It seems like this is out of character for Mr. Jack, and he should definitely see a doctor.
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Kudos for all you and your husband have done for Bettie!!! If only more abandoned cats were as successfully rescued and it does sound like your neighbor needs some mental evaluation - through your actions on behalf of the cat, he may be getting some much needed help, too - a real win/win situation!
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