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itchy stressed out cat

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hi i'm new here. my cat pretty is 10 years old. she has that itching thing. i forget what its called. we just had her to the vet again last week. she itches herself like crazy. under her neck is really bad. it just can't seem to heal. we're giving her the medicane that the vet gave us, and shampoo for the fungal stuff. everything healed but her neck.
now for the past month she hasn't been using her litter, or eating, or drinking.. unless we give it to her or put her in the litter. we got her this portable bed sack thing where she can burrow in it. she stays in it all the time. its like she's afraid to come out or something. she goes to the bathroom in it when we don't catch her in time. we're calling the vet again on monday.i just don't know what else to do.
i did read that stressed out cats like a quiet environment(sp). so i put her in my room with dim lights and soothing music. with her bed and stuff. i'm hoping this helps. is there anything i else i can do for her?
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How long has this been going on? I'm glad you're calling the vet again on Monday. Depending on the cause, there are medications that may help break the itchiness cycle, possibly in conjuction with an e-collar or other protective covering. Best of luck!
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its been going on since end of 2006 beginning of 2007.i think. we've always been able to control the itching but this is the first time she's acting like this. we just recently lost a cat that i had for 20 years in july. i don't know if she would be depresed because of that. they wern't close really, she's more close to my dog. they grew up together. she always tried to dominate over the older cat.
all the other times she's had this problem.. she used the litter and ate and drank normal. this is the first that she's not moving hardly. once every few days she'll go crazy over the house and scratch like crazy, then calm down for a few days.i give her a bath in the shampoo the vet gave us like every other day.i just don't know what else to do.
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Hmm! Thank you for caring so much about your cat and joining tcs! Welcome

My Sammy itches incessantly. He is allergic to everything. We put him on Prednisone to stop the itching - it's now in injection form that can last for 6-8 weeks, or there are some anti-anxiety medications that you can get that also work to control the itching if your kitty has already been thoroughly checked out. I don't know enough about your case, like food allergies or fungus, as you touched on that briefly.

Absolutely, she could be depressed or reacting to the loss of her sibling. I would be very assertive with your vet and ask for ALL the options and, if you can afford it, talk about allergy trials which will help single out what's causing this. My sense is that it's not mental at all. It's something else. Keep us posted!
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thank you for the welcome i'm glad i found this site.
she does have some kind of fungal thing. i forget what its called. all i remember is the vet said its common in cats.She did give pretty an injection of something that is suppose to help with the itch, but it doesn't seem to be working. it's been a week since she's been to the vet, and still itiching.the vet said that it'll stop the itching in 3 days but it hasn't.
she doesn't really have to much allergies. we did notice that she's allergic to the die in the meow mix and that stuff. so we switched to natural stuff. we're going to ask for blood tests.its like all the itching stressed her out, and made her depressed or something.
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AH, I see. Good you switched food, as even an underlying food allergy can set it off without you knowing.
Post back what the tests say, I'd like to know! ((((HUGS))))
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