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I got it

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Well I broke down and got Popsie Da Bird. He seems to like it. I bought a different attachment for it. It's the softer floofy feathers and he seems to like that better than the long stiff feathers that came with it. He hasn't gone crazy over it like other cats though. I think I've been trying to get him to get him to play when he really doesn't feel like it. He might like it better when he's in his crazy mode.
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It is a possibility...maybe he does prefer it when in 'crazy' mode!
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My two are the same way... I bought it over a month ago and pull it out every so often. JoJo watches it, occasionally reaches for it, but doesn't go berserk. She is losing weight though, and is now more active in chasing the laser light... so there may be hope yet for Da Bird in my house.

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Swanie loved da bird when I first got it, when we first got him 2 years ago. Now he's like, yeah that thing ain't real, I'm not chasing it.
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